Simple steps to making sure you get recognised, and remembered, at your next exhibition.

Exhibitions are one of the best ways to find new clients and can be incredibly cost effective, if you get enough attention at your stand. So, how do you make sure that people are paying attention and can understand what you do? There are so many different ways of making sure you get recognised, that we decided to cut it down to a few simple tricks that will help you get recognised, every time. We have put in considerations of everything from start to finish that is worth considering along your way to becoming recognised by all your potential customers at your next event.

So, how do you make sure that people are paying attention and can understand what you do?


First thing is first - what works on web does not always work when printed. For example a lemon yellow with white text might look awesome on your crisp, HD website but when it comes to printing it onto a cotton bag or wall poster, it’s going to be difficult to see. So when it comes to the design process for your promotional merchandise, make sure you’re thinking something bold and easy to read. This means that when your customer takes it away with them, they can easily identify who it’s from. If you need some inspiration on what designs you could make, check out our article on pattern design.


You’ve got your design for your stand and merchandise so now you need to think about layout. You don’t want it to look like a jumble sale but at the same time, bare is boring. You need to display your products without overwhelming your customers before they’re even at your stand. This doesn’t mean you have to go for white, especially if any of your products are likely to stain, but you should think of a colour palette that’s close to your brand colours. It reinforces the colours in viewers eyes and sticking to a palette means you won’t swamp your customers with a barrage of colours and designs. If you take the PayPal exhibition stand, for example, they have 2 shades of blue and white. It’s simple, crisp and easy to identify where all the information is, plus it matches with all their brand colours. 

Whilst on the topic of designing your stand - do you have places that you want your customers to visit? Any noteworthy products or catalogues that you want them to take away with them? Your team is likely to get busy throughout your event and it’s always good to direct people to what they should go and see. So pop some arrows into your designs or have a sign saying ‘please take me when you go’ for any printed marketing material. Simple yet effective.


Whilst we are on the topic of directing people to places - make sure they have something to take with them! If you have samples that they can take away with them, perfect. But what about something that they’re likely to use more often? Say a cotton bag or a nice quality pen that they can use when they’re back at their office. Remember that bold and easy to read design you made earlier so your stand would be easy to recognise? We’ll that’s going to come in handy here too. If you combine all these tactics together it will make it not only easier for your customer to identify and engage with you on the day but also easy to remember in the future.