Finding Peace In The Office

By Emily Miles

Little ideas on how to make your work life that little bit less stressful

Keeping your head whilst at work can sometimes be a challenge. What with the never ending stream of emails, the questions being fired at you left, right and centre by work colleagues and that’s before you’ve even got to thinking about hitting that daily water intake. So we’ve put together a few ideas from everyone here at MoJo to help make the most of your time at work and make it as peaceful as you can.

First thing is first, clear out the clutter. If you have a messy desk, organise it. Make sure that everything that is not going to be used immediately or every day is tucked away somewhere. This will help to clear your mind and keep you focused. Once you’ve done this, organise all the paperwork you have on your desk into one big pile and sort through it. Sort it into piles of importance and once you’ve done this, make sure to start from your most important and work your way through the piles. This will help you get a plan of action so you can systematically work through your list rather than sporadically picking them up and starting your next job.

If you have a messy desk, organise it.

Having a clean desk is great for helping you to concentrate on your work but sometimes nothing will quite beat taking 10 minutes out to get a break from your workload and just take your mind off of the day's stresses. If you’ve never thought about it before, why not use these 10 minutes just to do some yoga? Sitting at your desk all day is not ideal, seeing as it means you’re not burning as many calories and also, if you have bad posture, it’s going to affect how comfortable it is to sit at your desk all day. Getting up and doing yoga can help relieve the pressure on your muscles that keep your head up all day. Not only this but the stretching will help get those muscles moving and it will give you time to be away from the stresses of the day and to have some time to just clear your mind of worries and focus on being at peace.

If you’ve never thought about it before, why not use these 10 minutes just to do some yoga?

If you’re not quite up for a round of office yoga and feel like it may not be for you, get up out of the lunch room on your break and go for a stroll around the park or even just the block. Getting away from where you work is great for getting you up from your seat but also allows for a boost in creativity. When you’re at your desk, you’re in your normal work environment. If you need to think outside the box, you need to get outside the box. The fresh air and new surroundings will help you be creative with the constant inspiration it is providing to your brain.

There are plenty of other ways to help keep the stresses of everyday work life at bay, these are only a few suggestions. One little suggestion for the days where you’re feeling more lethargic - making the office tea round will give you that 5 minutes break and you get a delicious hot drink out of it! Plus, the office will thank you for it.