Fluid brand identities

By Tom Verow

The pros and cons of having a dynamic logo.

Dynamic brand identity. What is it? Well the word ‘dynamic’, by Oxford Dictionary definition, is “characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.” But what does this mean when it comes to branding? When it comes to having a dynamic logo for your company, you have to make sure that a basic element to the design is always the same. Take the City of Melbourne logo for example - the basic element is the geometrical shape of the M. After that, the design is completely fluid, there is no one colour or style that is represented with the brand, just the shape. The beauty of this is that it allows the brand to freshen up their design whenever they want without having to rebrand. New product coming out? Have a new design in to accompany it. It also helps because, if your design is cool enough, people will start to look out for the variations and new designs that you release. Who knows, you may even build a fanbase! 

Take DC Comics for example - they keep the same typography, like City of Melbourne, and then change the design slightly to represent certain characters in their world. So they have kept the basic element and then revamped the rest for every different design they have. This works for DC Comics because it allows them to personalise every character so depending on what they are releasing, they can have a different brand identity for them, whilst still being recognised as DC Comics.

So we’ve spoken about keeping the typography or the shape the same and then changing what goes on inside of these but what about keeping the shape the same and adding different backgrounds? Aol’s design may not be the cheapest when it comes to printing the design but, you have to admit, they do make for beautiful brand logo’s. Aol chose to keep both the typography and the colour the same and use the variation in background as their dynamic brand identity.

So now you know how to do it, the next question is should you do it? When it comes to dynamic brand identity, your company identity has to match the idea of fluidity and dynamic. If you’re a long standing lawyers or accountancy firm, you probably won’t want to go for an ever changing brand as it may not stick with your reliable and long standing brand image. But if you’re a fashion brand, maybe dynamic branding will help to get you noticed across social media platforms. A dynamic company logo is great when your brand is going to be exposed to your clients plenty of times and your company values reflect that of an ever changing, evolutionary brand.