Going Barking Mad

By Kyra Leigh

After numerous unsuccessful attempts at trying to put Jessie, her cat, on a lead and walk her around the park in the morning, Sally decided that it was time to get a new canine addition to the family. A little brother or sister for Jessie but slightly more on the active side.

After plenty of time spent searching through the internet and local dog shelters, and plenty of help from her Mum and Gran, Sally finally found Benji.

Benji had been brought over to England by Amicii, a dog rescue charity that take in dogs that have been abandoned in Romania and try to re-home them. Benji was rescued from a public shelter at the age of 1 and bought over to England. After two unsuccessful attempts at adopting, and then spending 2 weeks in the kennels, Sally came across this happy young chap and knew that he would fit right in with the family.

After a few mad dashes around the living room and faithfully protecting his house from his arch nemesis (also known as the Postman), Benji is now all settled at home. He is making plenty of friends out on his adventures and even Jessie is taking a liking to him! We always love a new addition to the family and look forward to seeing this guy at some of the upcoming Mojo social events.

Check out the amazing work that Amicii do on their website or alternatively check out their Facebook page for all their latest updates.