As part of our journey towards sustainability, we believe that transparency and clarity is essential.

For us, this looks like understanding not only where the products are produced and transported, but also where their raw materials are sourced from. And for you, this is all about tools readily available to make the best choice for yourself and the Earth. This is why we have introduced Eco Scores for each of our products!

Under the pricing for each product, there is a box containing a score for how eco the product is and a breakdown of how that score is calculated. This is of course very simplified, meant as an easy-to-understand guide when selecting your perfect product. With this in mind, each eco score also includes an additional information section to give you a more nuanced insight to each item.

Here’s an explanation of each category and the additional information:



This is based on where the product is sourced from, with UK made items scoring highest, and those made outside Europe being the lowest.

How an item makes its way from factory to you is equally as important in understanding the impact of a product's associated emissions. Factors include if it is freighted via sea rather than plane, if it’s transported in bulk, and where it is transported from. This means that an item that has a lower emissions score for being manufactured in Europe actually might be the greenest product for you if you are sending it to another country in the EU.


Raw Materials:

This section is about how sustainable the raw components for the product are. Anything made from approximately 90% or more material that is a) From a natural, sustainable resource, or b) From recycled materials, scores the highest. Those made from entirely unsustainable, virgin materials, score the lowest.

This is a straight forward category in which we identify the main materials of an item and if they are sustainably sourced. We will also give extra information such as if it is BPA-free and packaging.



With each item, we think, “if this was used every day, how long would it last?” and rate them from single use all the way up to over three years.

Understandably, this is a complicated answer and depends on how the item is eventually used. For example, a notebook used daily will be filled in under six months, however, in practice how often does this happen, and when it is filled, this does not necessarily mean that it will be disposed of afterwards. Therefore, whilst the score is based on daily use and assumption of disposal once finished, this section also offers alternative uses that can prolong the item’s longevity.


End of Life:

Sometimes products are billed as recyclable or biodegradable when the reality is actually a lot more complex. We base our end of life score on how easily this can be put into kerbside recycling or composted via UK domestic waste services*.

In the additional information, we break this down further, explaining what can and can’t be recycled/composted and why. Where possible, we also give alternative methods of disposal such as donating to charity shops or taking to a specialised waste disposal site.


Additional Information:

Every now and then, an item has a lot more eco credentials than is covered by our eco scoring matrix. So we have included a section that not only covers an item’s environmental and social accreditations, but also any extra interesting tidbits. This can include recycling schemes, extra detail about how it is transported, what kind of power the factory uses, and so on.

Of course, a member of our Sales team will always be more than happy to discuss in detail more about products and alternatives if you have further questions. The whole point of these scores is to facilitate frank and open discussion in order to make great, environmentally friendly promotional merchandise.

*Please note, that this is based on kerbside waste disposal in Leicestershire, our home county, and may not be accurate for other counties or countries. Always check your local regulations and services.


Example of an Eco Score*


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