Introducing New Policies

By Sally Edwards

3 products to make that new policy easy to communicate and hard to forget.

You’ve spent weeks designing a new company policy that is going to help improve an aspect of your company drastically but how should you get your message across to all your employees? Change can be quite difficult, especially when your employees are happy with the way things are. So once you’re ready to put your plan into action, you’re going to need a way to help introduce the policy. Now, who doesn’t love a present? It’s an effective way to get the message across and help people to remember it, if you select your items carefully. A mug works fine, but there is much more that you can do.

Now, who doesn’t love a present? 

Now, let’s say your employees are office based and you’re introducing a new system on the computers. You’re going to need something that will be in front of them, on their desks. Here are a few suggestions on items that work to reinforce your new policy without feeling like you’re invading your employees personal space and overpowering them with your message. The first thing you should probably put in that desk drop is a pack of personalised sweets. Change is something that a lot of people are not often too keen to embrace. Sweets can help make this transition that little bit less bitter. It may not have a long life span but the good will points you will earn from it are well worth the extra money you will spend on making them.

What is that little speck on your screen? A drop of coffee? Did you sneeze too hard? How many of you have a screen cleaning cloth to wipe away the week's trials? Probably not a lot. A branded screen cleaning cloth is a great desk drop item for new policies as they can be printed with full coverage over one side. So, summarise your key point in your new policy and pop them onto a cloth they can use to keep their computer screen neat and tidy. You’re encouraging them to take pride in their workspace and you can make them as colourful as you want!

So, summarise your key point in your new policy and pop them onto a cloth they can use to keep their computer screen neat and tidy.

The sweets have been received (and quickly devoured) and your screen cleaning cloth has been used, neatly folded and popped to one side for use at a later date. How do you keep your message in front of your employees on show at all times without fixing a sticky note to their screen?  You’ve already picked out your key principles for your new policies, now pick the keywords and turn them into a desk block. The beauty here is that because it’s a desk item, it’s guaranteed to be in front of your employees at all times and, if you choose a product like the Sandstone Desk Block, it has such high quality that it will become an item of pride for them to keep on their desk next to the photo of their other half or list of life goals.

Separately these items might make an impact but combined you have your initial sweet treat to get them on board, a useful item for future use with your key points summarised and then an object of retail quality that is worth taking pride of place on their desk to remind them of the policy. Although this might not be appropriate for changes such as a change in paperwork filing, if you are having an entirely new system brought in, it’s a great reminder of how to use it and its benefits.