One of the latest mojo features includes our top and hottest products having their own video, giving you more insight!

There's never a dull or quiet moment in the mojo studio. From rustling up some inspirational visuals to helping you with your artwork, they are always on hand to help you with your merch. But that's not all they do! Their project list is packed with long and short term projects, all to give you the best possible service. And now we can finally introduce the next big project that they've been working on: Product Video!

You'll see in the above the the Work Journal button has been moved to the top right, with the new function allowing you to see a video, usually around 2 minutes long giving you a further insight into the product. Photos, visuals and website images do their job but they don't do justice when it comes to scale, touch, vibrancy, just to name a few! Check the example out here:


Here at mojo we are always looking to up our game, and video is something we are really excited about! The aim is to get you inspired and give you further insight into your promotional project, all whilst upping our own skills. It's a win-win as we see it!

-Josh Hunter, Senior Graphic Designer


Want to see more? Well our slick YouTube page has been populated with some of the best! There are still loads to get through given the size of the range, but please feel free to check them out, and of course subscribe so you can see the latest merch in an instant.


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