The MoJo Team Carve a Scare: We’ve had some awesome summer times here at MoJo, and we’ve tried to utilise the BBQ as much as possible, however with the clocks turning back, and the darker nights creeping in, it was about time we let go of our romantic ideals, and embraced the winter.

Trying to keep spirits high, Tom suggested that we have a pumpkin carving night. Filled with festivities such as spooky Halloween music, themed doughnuts and, of course, pumpkin carving! Seeing an opportunity that allowed us to play with knives, the MoJo team (dangerously) couldn’t wait.

Combining the event with our routine MoJo Mondays, we all shuffled outside after hours to the table where the pumpkins were lined up, ready for us to let our creative sides show. Dave and John, in their usual competitive nature, raced to be the first to carve up the plump, orange fruit. They grabbed their knives and scoops and dug straight into it. The rest of the team were soon to follow out into the dark night, edging around the garden to steer clear of the knife point from Dave and John’s flailing arms!

The cold, Autumn chill whipped around us but we were all in high spirits with Halloween tunes playing through our Xquare 2 Bluetooth Metal Speaker. John took the speedy route and went with the classic smiley face design whilst Tom went for an intricate Oogie Boogie.

Sally and Emily were competing for who could throw more seeds on the floor whilst Tom was busy scraping out all of the fleshy inners, and trying to win 'cleanest pumpkin of the year' award. Sophy carefully planned out her masterpiece whilst Dane tried to figure out what he was going to carve on his baby Pumpkin (which he was convinced was actually just a large Orange).

With bits of pumpkin flying left, right and centre, Dave and John were head to head in the race to the finish line. Dave lit his candle first, and placed his final piece on the MoJo stairs with John very closely behind. Sally, Sophy and Emily were the next to finish with Dane and Tom crawling to the finish line!

With all our outstanding designs skillfully sliced into our pumpkins, we placed them on the stairs and sat back to enjoy some festive Krispy Kremes provided by Tom. However, the evening chill was setting into our bones and soon we had headed off and left the MoJo pumpkins to protect the office from anything that might go bump in the night.