How to make your promotional USB stand out from the sea of memory devices.

You’re going for a personalised USB, good choice. Now, where to start? We suppose you could pick a Twister USB, brand it 1 colour and be done with it. It would do the job. But we like to think outside of the box, so we can help you make the most of your products. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Twister we just feel it’s a little… done. So what choices have you got after this?

The BPMA reported that 63% of people that they surveyed said they were likely to keep a USB the longest.

If you want to make something memorable then you have to go for more than just a USB. Anyone can give away a customised USB so you need to make sure you’re giving extra. The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) reported that 63% of people that they surveyed said they were likely to keep a custom printed USB the longest of all their promotional products they received so it’s important you’re getting it right. So let’s ask a question - would you rather have a plain USB that you just throw into your bag or one you can play with on your train journey?

When it comes to an entertaining USB, our branded Rocky and Bertie USB’s both have weighted bottoms. A simple trick to keep you entertained when it bobs around the desk and small enough to pop into your pocket for when you’re on the go. You could give them away at exhibitions for anyone who works in an office as they are interesting enough that you will want to keep them out on the desk and due to their interesting styles and shapes, they are more than just a standard promotional USB that you’ll throw into the draw. They combine both fun and practical aspects, making a draw the least likely place for them to be kept.

why not create a PVC doctor with the patient's healthcare details?

Maybe you want to make it more personal? PVC is the way forward here. Most USB’s are manufactured in China which means you can make them to order. PVC allows you to mould the housing of your custom USB to whatever shape or style you want. If you work in private healthcare why not create a PVC doctor with the patient's healthcare details on the USB? Or if you’re an architect, design a character that has a suit on and upload it with all their blueprints and documents so you can store and hand over the information once it has been designed. Made completely bespoke and in up to 4 spot colours, these custom USB’s are ideal for giving your projects that personal touch, plus it makes it easier for people to remember where their information is and what company they used. Handy little reminder should they ever need similar work doing again, right?

These are only a few examples of what you could do with personalised USB’s and there are plenty of other options and quirky ways to make sure your customised USB doesn’t get lost in the junk draw. From wooden casings to combining them with a pen, promotional USB are becoming ever more versatile. With a world moving away from paper and towards the bright lights of office desktops, these small gadgets are paving the way for a paperless world where catalogues can be stored in chips rather than thousands of pages.