A brief history of Mojo Promotions: Kitchen tops, Zombie runs, table tops and everything in between.

Well, we think it’s fair to say we’ve come a long way from John’s kitchen table to where we are now. So we’ve put together a History of MoJo so we can look back on the journey so far. With two office moves and plenty of social events - there is a lot to look back on.

The journey started 10 years ago when John decided to go out on a leg and make his own promotional products company. It grew steadily over the next two years and soon John was moving into his office in the LCB depot. During the time in the LCB we made a lot of friends with local businesses. MoJo also saw the introduction of new members of staff for the first time, some that are still here to date, and other’s who have moved on to different business prospects.

Before we knew it, the 5th birthday was upon us and it was time to celebrate how far we had come. We rented out The Case and had champagne to wet our whistles, alongside a luxurious meal; a perfect way to celebrate a fantastic milestone. 

Over the years, as a team, it would be fair to say that we love being social, both with customers and here in the office. We have done plenty of social events throughout the ten years, whether it is raising money for a charity through our Mojathlon, or raising a beer for a team member's Birthday, we’ve done a lot! We’ve been through weddings, mud runs, and even ran from zombies and we’re sure the madness is only going to carry on upwards from here.

As time went on we continued to expand as a company and soon the offices that we had in the LCB were starting to feel a little cramped. With all the people we were packing into the two offices, we soon found ourselves tripping over each other! So, we started to look for a place of our own. Fly the nest and all that. We found an old Thai restaurant just round the corner that used to be a leather tanning facility built in the 1920’s. It had plenty of potential, but it did need some TLC to get it back into shape. As per all aspects of the business, John likes to have a hand in everything, and renovating the office was no different (except for the painting which he made Dave do). After blood, sweat and tears had been put into the renovation of this beautiful building, we packed up our things and moved in. It’s fair to say that even after having been here for almost a year and a half, we are still inspired on a daily basis by this stunning office.

Over the years we have won plenty of awards for our dedication and skill in the industry. Last year was one of our most successful years as we won Distributor of the Year with the Advantage Group and came in the top 10 of the Sourcing City Distributor of the Year awards. It’s always uplifting when we win an award, knowing that we are impacting the industry with the high standards that we set ourselves. We hope that, now we have a few titles under our belts, we can bag a few more in the years to come!

So, what’s next we hear you say? Well, besides more crazy MoJo outings and strange animal shaped cakes, we are planning to renovate the downstairs section of our offices #ReturnOfTheRenovation. This will allow us to expand our sales team so we can handle the established brands and larger projects that have been seeking us out as our skill set has grown. Or we might turn it into a creative studio space for making our website full of even more beautiful images of products or maybe just stick a pool table down there as a place to escape to on our breaks. We’re definitely feeling like the pool table is the best option.

But, until that time, here’s to the next 10 years!