Taking your umbrella to the next level to ensure it is the office favourite.

It’s pouring it down outside and your customer has got to get this letter in the post. It can’t go tomorrow, that’s too late. It was sunny this morning so they don’t have a coat; good thing you sent that promotional umbrella a few months back, right? All good but you don’t want people to just pick it up because they need an umbrella, you want them to choose your personalised umbrella every time because it looks awesome and they want yours over all the other ones they received.

How are you going to do this? Well maybe your company is interesting enough that it’s super cool already. However, chances are your customers might need some extra persuasion. This is where the fun begins - here are a few ideas as on how to make your custom printed umbrella the office favourite.

Full Colour, Full Coverage Print

As some promotional umbrellas are put together after they are made, you can print to the entire outer sides of the canopy. If you have an awesome design, this is a efficient way of not only making the umbrella look amazing but also spreading the message to other people whilst out in the rain. For example, if you’re a council and you’re looking to promote your city you could make a design with the outlines of all the famous landmarks in your area to wrap around the umbrella and have a plain background. It’s simple enough to not confuse you when you look at it, has points of interest and then your contact details. Interesting and makes an impact.

Double Canopy Inner Colour

If you want to create something a bit different and more exclusive to the user, double canopy umbrellas are perfect for this. If you want to keep it simple and subtle you can go for a dark outer colour and then go for a vibrant inner colour. That way you can add a splash of colour without having to commit to blinding everyone with that vibrant purple. If you’re offering exclusive deals to your members, colour the inside to reflect this. It plays on the idea of people in the know understanding the colours and secretive branding and people on the outside wanting to know about what’s going on.

If you want to keep it simple and subtle you can go for a dark outer colour and then go for a vibrant inner colour.

Print to the Inside

It might sound obvious but this is a great way of keeping your customer’s eye on your brand. Sure, they see the umbrella branding when they pick it up but once it open they only see the stem, ribs and inner fabric. Grab their attention by printing to both sides of the umbrella. The outside for a corporate image and then you could print to the inside with a fun message to engage with the customer. That way they feel like an insider on a joke between just the two of you, adding a personal level to it.

There are plenty of other ways to make a custom printed umbrella more than just a run of the mill water defender but we could probably bore you to death with the details. From wooden handles and coloured frames to branded tie wraps and choosing the right shape for the occasion, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to designing your own, unique umbrella. The only question now is, do you dare to be different?