Marking the milestones

By Tom Verow

Making the most of celebrating your achievements.

Celebrating an event is something that may almost seem built into our human nature, we like to make a song and dance of something when it goes well. Which is why when something goes well at work, we naturally want to celebrate with our colleagues. But celebrations can easily be forgotten when times start to get stressful at work and they may be drowned out by everything else you have going on. That’s why we think it’s worth marking the milestones. With everything from training targets to company-wide achievements, it can be difficult to pick what you should use to commemorate these achievements - so we’ve put together a few suggestions for you.

The Little Things in Life

Whether you have just started a new job, or you’ve been there for years, when anything new comes into the company, there will be training required. If it’s something you have done to help improve customer service, why not have a customised badge to let not only your staff but your clients know? For example, if you are training people on a new fit that your company has introduced, why not give your employees a personalised badge to say they are trained to help you in this? It’s both a way to remember it for your staff and a badge of honour for them to show to your clients.

Teams That Work Together, Win Together

On track to smash your team's quarterly target? Get them a treat tin full of snacks that’s personalised with your logo - it’s cheaper than giving everyone a day off and it shows that you’ve put some thought into choosing the presents. Plus, it will be super tasty. Smashed your yearly target? Now, it’s definitely worth spending the extra few pounds. What about a premium branded pen with a ‘thank you for a successful 'insert year’. It’s always going to be of a great perceived value and will inspire your brand ambassadors to carry on championing your brand and, hopefully, smash those targets all over again.

The Big One

It may sound obvious but celebrating the years a company has been operational is tremendously important. It allows people to reminisce on not only their personal journey but also the journey that the company has been on. So, naturally, this sense of unity across the company is going to be celebrated and that moment should be commemorated for those who are there. In this day and age of technology, why not send your employees a personalised power bank for the anniversary? It’s simple, easy to use and incredibly long lasting.

In summary, marking your milestones is perfect for remembering to not only appreciate your customers but also the people who work hard for you day in, day out. With everything from a congratulations for training to marking the companies turn of a century, every mile you take as an employee, or a company, is worth celebrating and remembering together. It can help to create a sense of community and make your brand ambassadors also your biggest fans.  A little thank you can go a long way.