It is a truth universally acknowledged that a promotional product is nothing without beautiful bespoke artwork.

So it is our pleasure to introduce Katharina and Josh to the MoJo Team as our new graphic artists. Read on to find out all about them…

Hi Katharina and Josh! What drew you towards becoming an artist?

K: I was always drawing since I can remember. In school breaks, during lessons, in my free-time, always. It was just natural for me, I would draw whenever I could. Then we had a speech from a product designer in my high school, Lothar Boehm. He talked about how he became a product designer and what his job was. I was so fascinated by the idea that he can earn money while doing design and I quickly discovered out that I love to create brands and that I would love to work in the field of branding.

J: I have always used a pencil since I can remember and always favoured creative subjects at school. So it was only natural that I started a career in graphic design.

What do you find inspires you most?

J: I get my inspiration from looking at what surrounds me. I don’t have one particular person who inspires me but I like to find designs that are fresh and are well thought out.

K: I get inspiration from different things, from music, nature, but also from other artists and designers. Whenever I see something that I like, I try to make a picture of it and keep it so if I need inspiration I can have a look at my 'collection'.

This one might be a difficult question, but what is your favourite medium to work with?

K: My favourite art medium is paper, even if I work most of the time with the computer, I just love analog work. I like to use ink or watercolour when I have the time to draw.

J:  I enjoy drawing but the biggest satisfaction is a well taken photograph.

Do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

J: My favourite artist is Jon Klassen and the balance between design and illustration in his work.

K: I have a lot of artists who I like, from Claude Monet to Simon Prades, Dima Rebus, Marta Nael, Emanuele Dascanio, to brand and design agencies like Marius Fahrner or Korefe.

And finally, the all important question, what is your favourite sweet treat?

J: Maple and pecan plait!

K: My favorite sweet treat? I think this always changes.... maybe cupcakes.