Merch Boxes: Message, Merch & Munchies!

By Tom Verow

"From thank yous to welcome give your team & customers the ultimate trio to boost morale and get your brand to the forefront of imaginations"

The summer months are well and truly upon us, warm days are plentiful and meeting up with friends and loved ones is once again a thing of normality. So why not take advantage of the continued positive outlook when it comes to feeling and mood with one of Mailed Merch Boxes to inspire and create a feel good vibe for your staff and clients. We are often asked what makes the perfect mailer and we'll say it again:

Messages, Merch & Munchies!

Simple ideas include postcards to make your packs more personal and heartfelt, practical pieces of merchandise branded with your artwork that will be used over-and-over for maximum exposure and finally delicious sweets & treats that are irresistibly tasty and are bound to bring a smile to all!

Our mailed merch packs made to your exact specifications, simply speak to one of our Account Managers today to get started!



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