With baby Arlen growing up fast, it is little wonder that David and Hayley decided a new home was in order. We caught up with David to see how the Grand Move went.

MoJo: Congratulations on the big move! How did it go? I heard that it was quite an exciting time.

David: We had to get going really fast once everything got underway. But when we were packing up the old house, some guy in a Jaguar going at ten miles an hour somehow managed to smash his car up the curb onto the pavement and into a house across the street!

M: Seriously?!

D: Yep! It was hilarious - the slowest to most damage output crash maybe ever. He wasn’t hurt though.

M: Blimey! Glad there were no casualties. Speaking of potential situations, I have to ask, what was it like moving with a toddler in hand?

D: Luckily we dropped Arlen and the Cat off at his grandmas (Arlen’s, not the Cat’s) so we didn't have to worry too much about them whilst we were moving.

M: Thank goodness for grandmas! How are they finding the new home?

D: They’re all settling in really well.

M: What’s your favourite part about the new home?

D: The best bit is the loft which has now become my man-cave and is full of all my nerd Nintendo stuff. I call it Hyrule Castle. NEEEERRRRRRDDDDD

M: You said it, not me! 

Is there anything you’re especially missing from your old house?

D: I miss the shower as we currently are waiting for a plumber to come and fix one in our new abode! It’s bath’s only at the moment which is a bit of a faff. 

M: Are there any shout outs that you’d like to give before we finish?

D: There has to be big thanks to John and Sally for giving me the day of to move with such short notice; Hayley's dad for his Mary Poppins handbag car that fit more of our stuff in than should have been possible, and McDonalds for the absolute feast we purchased whilst waiting for the sale and buy to go through all the solicitors and banks.