It’s been Sally’s turn to move house, so hold onto your hats for this rollercoaster of a story!

MoJo: Hi, Sally! How is everyone settling after the big move?

Sally: Great thanks! We’re all loving the garden for Benji [the dog] to run around in, having a big open plan living space downstairs, and feeling fancy with an en suite bathroom! 

M: That sounds like paradise, especially for Benji.

S: Almost! I often see a lady riding on the weekends. Her horse is a piebald - black and white like a cow - and has similar markings to Benji. He seems to think it’s some form of monster dog and is both intrigued and terrified at the same time! 

M: Poor Benji! But I’m sure it’s worth all the giant monster dogs in the world.

S: Oh one hundred percent. The peace and quiet and country air, plus all of the amazing walks right on our doorstep. And that’s not even mentioning the lovely neighbours - everyone is so helpful! 

M: Your new home is absolutely idyllic - the move must have been a breeze.

S: If only! We were supposed to complete the move on Tuesday, so had the removals all booked and everything packed. The removals arrived on time Tuesday morning, got everything loaded & went off to the new house waiting to unload... everything was going to plan, or so we thought.

M: Uh oh…

S: After about six hours of waiting, it emerges that my purchaser hadn't signed a deed correctly. This meant that his mortgage company wouldn't release the funds until the next morning. We had nowhere to stay, with Benji and Jessie [the cat] in tow, except a completely empty house with no furniture! 

M: That’s a disaster! What did you do?

S: Fortunately my mum only lives about ten miles away, so we packed the animals into the cars and set off for her house, where we bunkered down for the night, with several large glasses of wine. This brought the total animals in my mums house to an amazing six dogs and two cats! Benji thought it was a fantastic adventure and proceeded to claim one of the mum's dog toys by peeing on it. Jessie was less than amused by her five new doggie roommates and spent the evening hiding on a shelf… 

S: In the end we had to arrange for the removals company to put everything in storage, and then complete the job the next day.

M: Blimey, what a couple of days! Glad you’re in OK now though. How is the house itself holding up?

S: Andy has been plumber extraordinaire and repaired two broken toilets! Aside from that, our next task is to tackle the overgrown willow trees in the back garden - we might wait for the wind to die down first though! 

M: Definitely a good idea! Can’t imagine swinging about in a tree armed with giant shears would be much fun.

M: Before we wrap up, are there any shout-outs you’d like to do?

S: A shout-out to all our friends in our old community, especially Michelle at All About Daisy - her dog shop was Benji's favourite place to go for a cuddle with Michelle and gobble doggie pork scratchings! We’re going to miss them a lot. 

S: And I think there has to be a special shout out to my mum for putting us up that night and providing the wine! Also to Team MoJo for putting up with my stress and moaning during the moving process!

M: We’re certain that it was all worth it! Congratulations again for the big move and we wish you best of luck taming the Whomping Willow!