MoJo Cribs: Leigh Edition

By Kyra Leigh

I don’t know what’s in the air at MoJo this past year, but we have yet another house move! Kyra moved during lockdown to a cosy little bedsit on the outskirts of the town centre, and we’ve caught up with her to see how it’s going?

MoJo: Hey, Kyra! You’re now the fourth person at MoJo to move home, how do you feel about that?

Kyra: Like they’ve all stolen my thunder! ...Just kidding, I’m actually really excited about my new home!

M: Haven’t you lived there for almost three months now?

K: What can I say, I really love living there. I’ve covered the entire place in an alarming amount of plants and lights, and it feels like a fairytale grotto.

M: Sounds magical! What else do you love about your grotto?

K: Honestly, I love how small it is. A controversial opinion I know, but I’ve never been tidier in my life!

M: This seems almost too good to be true, surely there’s at least one thing that you didn’t like about the move?

K: Having to interview myself for this article definitely ranks up there. Laughs. But seriously, I do not recommend moving during a pandemic. It’s so hard to get bits ‘n’ bobs for the grotto like cleaning supplies and furniture. And do not get me started on the wait times for Ikea deliveries!

M: I can imagine! At least you can get toilet paper these days without much hassle.

K: Oh, and I managed to make a complete prat of myself by using the wrong key in the door then ringing my landlady nearly in tears to tell her that the keys didn’t work and I couldn’t get in. In my defence there weren’t any labels on the keys and the front door latch is backwards.

M: I really don’t think you have any sort of leg to stand on here, Kyra...

I know it’s been a bit difficult, but have you done anything nice in your new home yet?

K: Does moving the furniture around at least once a month count?

M: Not really, but if it makes you happy that’s all fine. As we’re coming to the end of this interview, are there any shout outs that you would like to make?

K: Absolutely! The biggest of thank yous go to Adam and Hannah who helped me shift everything across the city. It was much too hot to do so, so I am doubly appreciative.

And that, everyone, is the final installment of MoJo Cribs. At least for now…