MoJo Cribs: Verow Edition

By Kyra Leigh

“Another move!?”, we hear you cry, and yes, Tom has finally finished renovating his house and is now snuggly ensconced in what is the most homely house we’ve ever had the privilege to see. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to pin Tom down briefly to extract the following interview.

MoJo: Tom! Finally, we’ve been so excited to talk to you about your new home especially as you have been renovating it for a year. Tell us everything!

Tom: Whilst it wasn’t the smoothest of processes, I loved turning the house into a home!

M: We know you have been a busy bee sorting things out, can you give us some examples of what you’ve been doing?

T: A lot! Every room has been painted from top to bottom, we laid wooden floors in the bedrooms, installed a new carpet (my toes feet have never felt such luxury!), restored the Victorian fireplaces, and sealed the terracotta tiles in the dining room!

M: Blimey, we feel exhausted just listening to that list! Was it worth it?

T: It’s great being so close to the City and having everything on my doorstep whilst still being on a quiet street. You wouldn’t know that you’re in the middle of the City! My favourite parts are having my own space, my own kitten, and I am so lucky to have the original fireplaces and period features still intact.

Oh, and I now have a five minute walk to work, rather than a 40 minute drive.

M: Wow. It sounds incredible! Is there anything at all that you miss about your old home, or is that a stupid question?

T: Waking up and looking out over the farms and fields. Although, I’m really lucky to now live in a conservation area with cobbled streets.

M: With a year’s worth of home improving, we think you could out-do Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen! Do you have any words of wisdom for us?

Top tip: Before you buy furniture, think about how you’re going to get it in place! Getting the headboard up a steep staircase… not fun! Lifting the skirting board in through the upstairs bedroom window from the front garden… certainly interesting!

And a massive shout out to my Dad for teaching me invaluable life skills like laying a wooden floor. Possibly one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever had to do, although the necessity of perfection when mapping it out is not so fun!

M: ...Can we move in with you?

T: No.

M: Worth a try.