"Guns & Jerk!": With the events of X runner long behind us in the summer, MoJo Promotions turn to our next event, an evening of Caribbean food, topped off with Laser Quest.

Our evening begun in Turtle Bay, a great new restaurant in the heart of leicester offering some of the finest Jerk food and Cocktails from the West Indies. The environment of the restaurant was fantastic! From the open facing kitchen, to a wall of speakers, the Caribbean theme and feel was immediately apparent and the MoJo team fell in love instantly. We knew this would be an reoccurring food establishment that we would visit! After consuming roughly 3 chickens between us, we headed to Laser Quest to pack some action into our evening.

We had 3 games to play and decided the classic 'Boys vs Girls' would be most interesting... ...And interesting it was! There was laughter, there was tears, and even under-hand play - "My gun was faulty the entire game" - However it was the Boys who finished victorious in each game, mainly down to Ollie and John's gunslinging skills (whilst David just ran around like a headless chicken, shooting aimlessly).

We ended the evening with no energy, but many funny memories and we look forward to the next MoJo event, which we hope will be less tiring!