Growing Again! MoJo has had to call for backup and has hired, not one, not two, but three new employees.

The MoJo team has had a very good, but very busy, start to 2015. With the number of clients and enquiries rapidly growing. The addition of Heather, Kathryn and Sophy (unfortunately, those last two names are not typos) has brought a much needed balance to the squad, helping with the growth of the company.

Heather was brought into the company to help with admin, finances and to be part of our artwork team. Her creative flare has definitely shown through mock ups and visuals that she has prepared for customers. Graduating from Newcastle University with an English degree Heather is the baby of the group and considers herself a Pokémon master.

Kathryn actually joined the team at the end of December 2014, but has really come into her stride in the recent months. Previously working in a sales background, Kathryn is a Leicester veteran after spending her time undertaking American Studies at the University of Leicester - a year of which she spent in Arizona! In her free time, Kathryn enjoys studying German.

Sophy joined the team at the end of January and also comes from a sales background. Sophy’s previous role saw her managing sales and stock levels of products and her knowledge will certainly serve her well here at MoJo. Sophy studied forensic sciences (which may be the coolest degree someone has at MoJo!) at Lincoln University and in her free time, enjoys keeping fit with jogging, preferably to and from the nearest pub.

With wanting to start 2015 with the continuing growth MoJo saw last year, the addition of three new staff members certainly shows that 2015 will be another hit year for MoJo. We wish Heather, Kathryn and Sophy the best of luck in their new roles and we hope that they enjoy the fast-paced atmosphere and have fun!