Our guide to Face Masks and the options available.

Face masks have obviously become an important tool in reducing the potential spread of Covid-19 and we are pleased to say we now have a range that we are confident in no matter your individual requirements.

The following guide explains the details and options available along with our 3 most popular masks.


N95 | KN95 | FFP2 In summary, these filters are basically all the same, with different countries of origin. They stop 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size and are suitable to help prevent coronavirus transmission. The most common is the KN95 made in China. What does PM 2.5 mean? This stands for Particle Matter and the size that will be filtered. Eg 2.5 refers to the size of these particles as being 2.5 microns or smaller.


Filters are not an essential when it comes to face masks, however having a slot included within the construction does allow the user the choice of adding & replacing them. Double or Triple layer construction is the most common with a cotton inner and polyester out. Cotton inners provide a more comfortable surface for the nose and mouth, with the polyester outer used to take the print.

  • SIZE & FIT

We can mix and match the sizes of our made to order face masks at no additional cost. Sizes include children, small, medium & large adults. Alternatively if you are unsure of the size mix you might need the addition of adjustable toggles provides a great way to cater to all sizes. Size is important to unsure a snug fit, increasing the masks effectiveness.

UK Express Face Mask

UK Express Face Mask

Made with 3 protective layers. Reusable and washable. Full colour print as standard.

£2.57 on 250+ (MQ 50)

If you're bringing back your workforce following the relaxation of the rules and are in a rush then look no further than our UK Express Face Mask! These masks are stocked within the UK meaning we can get these delivered within 1 - 2 weeks from PDF proof approval, guaranteeing your staff that piece of mind when commuting to the office through bustling public spaces. Whatsmore is that the masks are also made using 3 protective layers using a range of cotton and spandex mixes to further the security of health and wellbeing during these times.

Adjustable Face Mask

Adjustable Face Mask

Adjustable toggles. Complete with open pocket for adding your own filter. Full colour print with edge to edge branding. Filters available POA.

£2.75 on 250+ (MQ 100)

Are you tired of wearing a mask that just doesn’t have that comfy fit you're looking for? Well step up our Adjustable Face Masks! These contain handy adjustable toggles on the end of each earloop to provide you with a snug fit and flexibility. If you want your workforce to be seen in style whilst being provided with maximum comfort then these are the masks for you. Made from two layers of microfibre material they have delightfully soft touch finish whilst they are dye sublimated to the entire mask area, including the edges, with your artwork in full colour as standard. With a minimum order quantity of 100+ these masks are perfect for sectors with larger workforces or as a practical mail-out for clients and those staff who are working from home.

Value Branded Face Mask

Value Branded Face Mask

Full colour, full coverage branding. Microfibre material. Washable. Excellent Value.

£2.92 on 200+ (MQ 100)

Though not suitable for medical use, our Value Branded Face Masks are a commuter or shoppers must-have! What makes these so popular throughout our client base is the plush microfibre material that they are made from which gives maximum comfort when in use. These masks are also machine washable & reusable; a fantastic alternative to the disposable alternatives also meaning your brand is exposed for much longer across bustling public spaces.

UK Made Face Mask

UK Made Face Mask

Full colour, full coverage branding. Machine washable. Filter Optional. Low MOQ 50.

£3.52 on 250+ (MQ 50)

This article by Healthline sums up the need for face masks in a nutshell. It's all about protecting others and staying vigilant in order to slow the spread of viruses. Our UK Made Face Masks tick all the boxes, but what takes these to the next level is the handy compartment so you can add your own carbon filter (not included) for that next level protection. With a minimum order quantity of just 50 masks these are an impeccable option for smaller companies wanting to keep their workforce and clients feeling safe & cared for.