Mojo's Guide to: Hand Sanitiser

By Emily Miles

Our guide to our Hand Sanitiser and comparing the options available.

The mojo hand sanitiser range has grown over recent months, with all requirements covered! Here we've compiled the most popular options and key facts about each product, whilst also jargon-busting those familiar yet confusing terms & phrases!

The following guide explains the details and options available along with our 4 most popular hand sanitisers.


There are various sanitisers out there that have a variety of claims but we'd always suggest going with an alcohol based one which is the most effective in killing micro organisms. The World Health Organisation recommend that you use a sanitiser with at least 70% alcohol content which this guide covers to give you and your workforce the highest levels of protection.


If you're supplying your staff with a sanitiser to keep the office Covid secure then it's well worth going with a bigger sized bottle for each member to last in the long run. However if you want to keep your colleagues and clients safe during their commutes to the office or whilst out-and-about then consider a capacity that can seamlessly slip into a pocket or bag. 


Here at mojo HQ we like to let the scientists do the talking. So our hand sanitisers are run through a strict process to certify that they are what they say they are. Whether it's a EN 1500 (European Standard) label, Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH) certification or a WHO recommendation you can feel safe in the process that any recipient will be getting a product that won't lead to any further harm.

10ml UK Hand Sanitiser

10ml UK Hand Sanitiser

UK stock - quick delivery, 75% alcohol content, printed in full colour - 10ml

£0.85 on 250+ (MQ 250)

Our 10ml UK Hand Sanitisers have been hugely popular! Containing 10ml of alcohol based hand sanitiser they are the perfect pocket partner and come at a stunningly low price. A great giveaway item, we print your artwork to the upper-front of the wrapping label (just above the ingredients / certifications) in full colour as standard. Whats more is the 75% alcohol content is manufactured to World Health Organisation recommendations meaning you can rest assured that your staff and clients are getting the best possible care!

Express Credit Card Hand Sanitiser

Express Credit Card Hand Sanitiser

20ml. 1 week lead time, full colour print, 75% alcohol content

£1.58 on 250+ (MQ 100)

The compact size is a huge bonus point to these nifty little credit card sized sanitisers & can easily be mailed out meaning your brand is still being exposed during these times. We can either digitally print your artwork to the label in full colour as standard or our recommendation is for a direct digital print for a smoother & more established looking finish!

60ml UK Carabiner Clip Hand Sanitiser

60ml UK Carabiner Clip Hand Sanitiser

70% alcohol content. UK stock. Printed full colour.

£1.91 on 108+ (MQ 108)

This hand sanitiser comes with a useful 60ml capacity and is doubled up with a convenient little carabiner clip meaning you can simply clip it to your belt or a bag strap and take it on the go (and within arms reach!). What makes this a current mojo favorite is the option of a clear label that gives you a slick transparent finish with the standout print of your logo. White label options are also available for more complicated or complimentary designs free of charge!

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser - 250ml

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser - 250ml

Waterless design. Tested against MRSA & Swine Flu. 250ml capacity. UK made.

£3.34 on 250+ (MQ 50)

If you're bringing back your workforce into the office a few days a week or even full time then we'd recommend a bottle of our Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser - 250ml for each of your colleagues desks to keep them safe and secure during the bustle of the office day! Featuring a waterless sanitiser with a 70% alcohol content. Your logo is crisply digitally printed to the entirity of the label (as per the image) to reinforce your brand's message of statying safe.

Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand Sanitiser Station

Freestanding design. Printed full colour. Contactless technology.

£297.85 on 100+ (MQ 1)

To finish off the guide we thought we’d present a product of today & tomorrow. Introducing our contact-free Hand Sanitiser Stations! Printed fully bespoke to the outer sides (full colour as standard) these stations are a modern day must-have considering how culture & views have changed around the outlook on health. Got a large workforce or a flurry of regular customers coming in and out of your office? Then this is a no-brainer! We even now provide a large capacity 5 Litre refill (POA)!

  • Includes 500ml worth of sanitiser 
  • Provides up to 1,000 uses
  • Lead time from PDF proof approval: 2 - 3 weeks