Muddy MoJo

By John Young

This years MoJo Charity Event sees the team get dirty: Last month we informed you that Mojo would be taking part in our first event for charity by competing in an extreme obstacle course called Xrunner. I am pleased to inform you that we all survived and we also raised a fantastic amount of money for our chosen charity along the way.

With an early 7 o’clock meet at the Mojo office, we headed to the Nottingham event; fearful at the lack of training we had all done in preparation for the 10K run. Upon arriving, we were given our start time of 8:30am, but before the event begun, we took part in a quick warm up to lift the spirits and calm the nerves!

Once the race started, we found ourselves jogging at a leisurely pace, before climbing over a huge wall of hay. We started to wonder what all the fear was about which is when we hit the open water swim and were reminded of the cold British summers. From that point onwards we faced muddy trenches, water slides and underwater tunnels, and although exhausting and dirty, we all had a great laugh at the falling over and shenigans along the way. Sticking together as a team throughout, we helped each other over walls and through trenches, and finished the race with a time of 2 hours, which we are all very proud off.

We are even more proud that we beat our fundraising target of £600 by £30, totaling £630 for The Jake McCarthy Foundation, which we hope will help with their aim of raising awareness of the symptoms of brain tumors. Xrunner have also upload a compilation video on the following page: Xrunner Event and some of the Mojo Team make an appearance! We’re now famous and if you would like a signed autograph, please do not hesitate to let us know.