3 EXTRA steps to take with your products to make an impact at your next event.

Corporate events, trade shows and exhibitions, love them or hate them, are the places you can find new clients and connect with old ones alongside showing off some of your exciting products. But they’re also packed full of other companies that are trying to do exactly the same thing. With this in mind the question is - how are you going to get people to notice you? You could hand them a pen or notebook with just your logo on, but let’s face it, as your potential clients leave the building they’ll probably have a variation of this off of every other company in the building. So here are 3 EXTRA steps we came up with that are worth considering for getting your product noticed at the next event.


These kinds of events can be thirsty work, especially if you’re spending the whole day there. People are going to need hydrating and statistics have shown that if you are dehydrated it will cause fatigue and a dip in concentration. If you’re going to be spending all that money on educating people on your products and services, the last thing you want is from them to not be concentrating or, worse yet, not remember anything you said. You could give out the cheaper water bottles with a paper wrap but the chances are those will get thrown away after they’re done drinking from them. Our suggestion - upgrade your water bottles with cold spring water & fruit for a reusable, refreshing giveaway. They’re more sturdy and if you have a innovative design you might as well show it off, who knows, it might even become their new favourite sports bottle. Check out the latest in fruit infusion bottles. Need some inspiration? We love our Pop Top Infuser Sports Bottle.


Whilst we’re on the topic of drinks, the UK drinks around 123 million cups of tea and 90 million cups of coffee per day. Truth be told, we love a bit of a pick me up. Seeing as they’re such popular drinks and they help us to concentrate, our suggestion -  a reusable travel can with piping hot coffee to send them on their way. We’re not saying it would be cheap or that everyone would love one but it would certainly make an impact. Plus, they can take it on their way to work then. Also, chatting over a hot drink is a lot more friendly than standing and presenting everything to them. Ready to get your own mugs to hand out? Try the Tokyo Travel Mug.


Taking page after page of notes can sometimes get a little mind boggling for the best of us with all those continuous lined pages. Our suggestion - upgrade your notebooks for ones that are lined pages on one side and blank images you can colour in on the other. That way you can promote both work and fun at your next event. Over the past few years, adult colouring books have certainly become a category of their own with everything from enchanted forests to colouring in Game of Thrones characters. There is definitely some fun to be had here and they are great for relieving stress when people get a moment to themselves. If you’re giving out a goody bag with some items in there, why not throw one of these in as something to use even when they’re not at work? Our Adult Colouring Book is sure to keep them entertained for hours!

There are plenty of other items that you could giveaway at events, we just feel that these offer something your competitors might not have and they’re also great to keep afterwards. Events are where first impressions count so these extra few steps might just tip you over the edge.