Sun's out, bun's out

By Kyra Leigh

BBQ Time at MoJo HQ: Britain has been enjoying some intermittent sunshine at the moment. It’s true; these rare glimpses of warmth have been the thin filler of a sandwich mostly comprised of rain, however at MoJo, when we see an opportunity, we take it.

So, for our MoJo Monday we took a little trip down to Wilkos and bagged ourselves the finest BBQ that the company budget would allow. With our most valuable summer tool in hand, we headed to Mark and Spencers (queue advert music) and picked up some luxurious sirloin steaks, and a beautiful mixed leaf salad. This isn’t just a BBQ, this is a MoJo BBQ.

When the Flintstone’s work whistle blew at 5:30pm, David hopped off his dinosaur to the garden where, using his abundance of IKEA flat pack furniture knowledge, set to work on the BBQ. John ferociously ripped at the weeds that had surfaced over the wetter months, while Tom, Sally and Sophy prepared the alcoholic beverages. Arguably the most important job of the lot.

When all was done, the coals were set alight and slowly, but surely, the smell of summer hit us all. G&T’s in hand, steak readily prepared by David, and the sunshine beaming down, what better way could have been spent enjoying the fading hours of the evening sunshine. We even powered up our Bertie Speaker, an office fave, and let the summer jams warm our souls.

When the steaks went on, the flames kicked up and everything seemed to be over in a flash! It was barely 5 minutes before David was moving the steaks to the plate, with perfect grill marks on them that could only have been matched by Jamie Oliver.

The team were overjoyed, or at least, these were the emotions they expressed out loud. The juicy and tender steak performed a little jig on the MoJo taste buds, setting everyone’s steak standards at a new high. A newfound respect had also been found for David who, until this point, we had thought was useless!

With plates clean, and not a morsel left in sight, we polished off the remaining liquid in our glasses and reflected once more on the heavenly steak. The sun had  dipped below the Leicester skyline, and the evening cold started to make it’s move, we packed away, and headed home.

We’ve not put the BBQ away, we know we’re gonna be getting our money’s worth over the summer. We’ve also moved David off of sales, and into the kitchen, full time.