We are pleased to announce our new partnership with The Allerton Project!

Nestled in the gentle slopes of northern Leicestershire, The Allerton Project spans 320 hectares of farmland across which they research the impact of agriculture on the environment, but it does not stop there. With partnerships throughout Europe, The Allerton Project not only supports post-graduate research, but also works with brands as big as Kellogs and M&S.

Through our work with the 1% For The Planet organisation, we have the privilege of supporting The Allerton Project to improve the future of agriculture and the Earth. In addition to a cash donation of £3'500, we are also donating a brand new merchandise line worth £3'500. This will help them connect to more people and strengthen relationships that are so essential to their work.

When we un-covered The Allerton Project I knew this was something we really wanted to be a part of.

- John Young, Managing Director (Mojo Promotions)

Some of their projects include:

  • Providing Farmers with knowledge to implement Regenerative Agriculture
  • Farming with Nature with M&S
  • INTERREG North Sea region project
  • Conservation Agriculture with Syngenta
  • Climate Neutral Farms
  • Welland Rivers Trust
  • Leicestershire Good Food Partnership

And loads more!!!

What makes The Allerton Project truly special is the wide scope of concerns that they explore. Not limited to a single issue, they engage with stakeholders and the community to support and educate better farming practices as well as improving the food supply chain, monitoring wildlife, reducing the carbon footprint of farms, how farming can benefit pollinators... and all this knowledge to be as accessible to as many people as possible!



Want to know more or make a donation? Get in touch here, we'd love to hear from you!