We scoop the same award for the 2nd year running: MoJo Promotions became the proud owner of another “Group Member of the Year” award, for the second year running, at the Advantage Awards Dinner last Wednesday. The Advantage Group being setup to maintain standards within the industry and within the supply chain.

After winning the same award last year, the hopes were high to succeed again at this year’s event. As the awards were read out, we waited with bated breath to hear “Mojo Promotions” echo over the microphone by Lawrence Angelow, the Group's founder. Upon hearing our name we were overjoyed, applauding as John approached the stage to receive the award.

We are immensely proud that we have won the award two years in a row and, with both awards now gleaming in the MoJo office, we look to next year where we hope to replicate our success and strive even harder to improve.