In Support of our local hospice LOROS: Team MoJo have set themselves their dirtiest charity challenge so far, even dirtier than a night out in Leicester! We felt in order to generate as much money for the truly worthy charity LOROS, we should put ourselves through the mill.

After deciding a triathlon would be a tough test, we decided to take each event one step further. The end result will see us tackle bog snorkling, a zombie run and a mud track bike race. All events will be documented for your enjoyment & viewing pleasure!


24_August 2014_ This is the “swimming” event of the Mojathalon, involving a sloppy, smelly and damn right dirty snorkel through the finest bog in Wales. We will each be pushing to win the competition so that we can be crowned as the glorious World Bog Snorkling Champion.


25_October 2014_  And onto the “running” event, a 5km course dodging the Undead & navigating a multitude of obstacles in Cambridge. We have to survive zombie attacks and get to the finish line, or else become one of  them! Mud and guts will definitely be involved!


29_June 2014_ Our “biking” event sees us take to an off road dirty track, for a 10km winding course through the Chase Trails. For those of us who last rode a bike when we were kids, we hope the old adage “you never forget how to ride a bike” is true!

Please encourage us on our way by giving a small donation to our local charity LOROS, who offer help and support for adults diagnosed with terminal illness.