Thinking Hats on

By John Young

MoJo Promotions are taking part in the Loros Accumulator Challenge: Team MoJo have signed up to take part in this years Accumulator Challenge, run by and in support of our local charity Loros. Loros are an incredible charity who provide care for terminally ill adults within the area

The Accumulator Challenge gives us £50 to start and we then have to grow this into as much money as possible, of course every penny goes back to Loros! So far we have come up with ideas including "Schnauzers in Trousers" and "Pugs on Rugs" two absolute crackers we think. However the real gems are being closely guarded as it is a competition after all.

Good luck to our fellow competitors and we will see you in 3 months at the end of the challenge to see how much money we have raised.