By Kyra Leigh

David is turning Japanese: I’m sure you all know that the above Japanese Hiragana means “Congratulations”. Of course! Who wouldn’t? Well David would, as he has just passed his Post-Beginners Japanese course and we feel a hearty clap on the back is in order….or a karate chop.

Taking part in an evening class at the University of Leicester, David has just finished a 60 hour course in Post Beginners Japanese, passing with a distinction. Tackling Japanese like a modern day Godzilla, David could now (probably) survive in the Land of the Rising Sun, he can certainly order a beer, so as we said, he’d survive.

In fact, David has now been coming to work in kimonos, typing at his keyboard using chopsticks, and smelling out the company fridge with sushi. We’re beginning to think that taking this course was a bad idea.

Apparently, he is going to be taking the intermediate course this coming October...we can’t wait to see what transformation that brings, but in case it’s Sashimi lunches, we have our nose pegs ready.