Webinars where to start!

By Tom Verow

We take a look at how to increase audience size and engagement in your Webinar.

It's been a tricky few weeks in the business world. From teams flooding to offices via packed trains and through congested high streets to walking a few metres to those all new home office setups. 2020 has had something in store that simply none of us saw coming. Over the past few months our business, alike many others, has relied on modern technology to get business done. From virtual meetings on RingCentral to keeping in touch via email or Slack we've adapted to a new way of working life & like many others - we plan to thrive! 

The question is, how to grow? In order to grow and get a foot-hold in this new digital climate Webinars are taking off like we've never seen before. It's a method of communication that practically all industries certainly will tap into and here's why...

Webinars are taking off like we've never seen before.

'Holding a video conference is as easy as several mouse clicks' This quote by My Own Conference sums a Webinar up in a nutshell. They are easily accessible and stress-free to hold:

  • Login to your meeting area
  • Invite participants 
  • And you have your very own Webinar!

Simply logging into a virtual meeting and presenting a class or new concept to investors may not be just enough to inspire and engage, however that's where an invitation pack comes in. Providing some practical accessories to your contacts gives them the tools they need to make the most of your Webinar Invite whilst giving them a feel-good factor. 

That's where an invitation pack comes in. 

Think of your desk. Yes you may have all the equipment you need for a meeting but providing a set of branded merchandise for your Webinar simply enhances the experience. Our Webinar Invite pack typically includes includes a notebook, pen & USB amongst others and is practically everything one needs whilst also tying in design and brand colours. Our Mail Order service gives you the licence to send your set out to each individual recipient so you know that they are prepped for the invite and ready to go. To give a more personalised and immersive experience why not add some tea, coffee or biscuits alongside the merch to show that you really care, or perhaps an A6 Postcard which tailors your message and gives a nostalgic feeling of warmth.