Here at MoJo Promotions, success is not only measured by our profit margins, but also by the impact that we have on the world around us. This is why we are pleased to announce that we are officially a climate positive company!

Protecting the environment is a core value at MoJo Promotions. And as a promotional merchandising company, it is something we have a huge responsibility towards. Over the last decade, we have made a series of decisions to reduce our carbon footprint. Decisions like

  • 100% renewable energy supply to our office
  • No longer printing physical catalogues
  • Providing recycling bins throughout the office
  • Sourcing sustainable products
  • Investing in biodegradable packaging

The list is endless. However, as mentioned above, our success lies in our impact on the environment, and we all know that success is not achieved by resting on our laurels.

Why stop at carbon neutral, when you can be carbon negative?

This is why we have signed up to Ecologi, a social enterprise based in Bristol, UK, committed to reforestation and clean energy production across the globe. Joining the ranks with the likes of Capgemini and Ethique MoJo Promotions now helps to fund present day projects such as reforestation in Scotland and supporting Aruba’s first wind park for sustainable energy, as well as looking into the future by planting mangroves. They may be little saplings today, but in ten years time, each mangrove tree will sequester up to four times more carbon than the average mature tropical tree.

Now that is what we call eco-friendly!

But what exactly does this have to do with our climate positive mile stone, we hear you cry? Thanks to the arcane calculations by Ecologi, which boils down to our carbon footprint minus the carbon saved by the projects that we fund, we are saving more carbon than we are expending as a business.

We are so proud to achieve this milestone, and although there is plenty more work to be done, we wanted to celebrate it and maybe even inspire others to take up a similar path.



*Statistics accurate as of November 2021