“Integrating Armaflo's distinctive orange was the key to this merch set with the variety making them a desirable set perfect for any exhibition stand.”


A supplier of first-fix M&E containment and pipe support solutions, Armaflo come packed with well over a decade's knowledge & expertise in the field, something that really rings home when compared to our own company. Since their first order it's been a joyous and smooth relationship which we aim to grow further.

On this job we were tasked with putting together some new merch they wanted to distribute as handouts. Growing brands is something that we could easily relate with so when they popped together a few ideas of what they were looking for it was a seamless ride from there!

Notebooks, pens, a bottle and bag to pop all their merch in was an essential to the Armaflo team. It's merch we sell bundles of as they are practical and don't get thrown away from day one, meaning the brand stays in mind for much longer. The stat of the show for us though has to be the energy drink which had the capacity to be contain fully bespoke branding which the Armaflo design team were all over! The cans are highly unusual meaning the brand sticks around in minds for longer, all whilst the contents delicious and bound to keep tired minds on the ball during the rest of the day!

Cheers for the commission Armaflo, we hope you love the merch as much as we did and we look forward to the next one!

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