In March 2021, MoJo Promotions joined Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions. In December 2022, we introduced Eco Scoring for our products so you can make informed decisions when creating your merch. In 2023, we are taking this even further by partnering with 1% For The Planet.

By joining 1% For The Planet, MoJo Promotions has committed to donating 1% of all sales to furthering environmental causes! You might be asking why 1% For The Planet? We're already climate positive and transparent about our products. We're not here to be half arsed with our commitment to the planet. We are not here to do the bare minimum and greenwash ourselves for profit. This would violate a core part of being Team MoJo: integrity.

And it is the integrity of 1% For The Planet that rings true with us. They are dedicated to ensuring that the 1% donation goes straight into the pockets of who we choose to donate to, providing third party certification so you can be certain that we are standing steadfast by our promises.

Another facet of 1% For The Planet that we love is that they believe in a holistic approach to saving the environment. It is not enough that we are funding reforestation when the community next door is living in poverty and exploitation which can further drive pollution. With this firmly in mind, 1% For The Planets environmental partners cover a wide range of initiatives including marine conservation, community gardening, polar research, cycling, promoting ethical business models… the list goes on and on and on. As long as the environmental partner meets 1% For The Planet’s stringent criteria, they are eligible to benefit from donations.


Stay tuned to find out which organisations we partner with!