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Promotional Alarm Clocks (4)

Sentara Clock

Sentara Clock

From £1.30, Min Qty 250.


Alarm clock with fantastic logo area. Great for the desk, kitchen, office or by the bed. Supplied with battery.

Value Desk Clock

Value Desk Clock

From £2.03, Min Qty 50.


Lightweight aluminium desk top clock.

Stafford Alarm Clock

Stafford Alarm Clock

From £6.33, Min Qty 25.


Quartz alarm clock in matt finish with folding stand.

Wake Up Light

Wake Up Light

From £11.70, Min Qty 25.


Alarm clock with gradually brightening light that simulates sunrise to wake you up gently. Choose from 10 suitable alarm sounds.

Promotional Alarm Clocks? The career saver of many-a night owl, our selection of custom branded Alarm Clocks make an ideal promotion for any of us that struggle to wake up on time. Whether you’re going on business trips to a new time zone and need help adjusting, or if you simply need a blaring klaxon every morning to get you up and about, the humble clock makes a great promotional item.

An alarm clock can make an excellent executive gift, and our Stafford Alarm Clock can be laser engraved in ultra fine detail to the front of the face. Individually package this item in a gift box to make a really lovely high quality item. The quartz mechanisms mean that this premium item will not lose time, and the folding stand give it a minimalist and simple style that will appeal to the understated among us.

Alternatively, a more flashy option, is our custom branded Wake Up Light, that gently gives off light to wake you. The clock’s glow gradually brightens, waking you calmly and naturally, by emulating a sunrise. This item is great for anyone who wants to give their customers that gentle and natural alternative to traditional alarm clocks.

For advice on selecting your perfect promotional timepiece, talk to a member of our sales team, who will be happy to help!