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Promotional Earphones (5)

Earphones in a Budget Case

Earphones in a Budget Case

From 95p, Min Qty 100.


Earphones in plain round plastic case with flip lid. Good print area for logo or message on lid.

Ear Buds

Ear Buds

From £3.27, Min Qty 50.


Listen to your favourite bands, audio books or podcasts with our fantastic value personalised Ear Buds. For such small earphones, they have a fantastically crisp sound quality. 

Supplied in a handy carry case with two spare pair of buds, this is the perfect technology item. With a great branding area on the lid of the case, which is custom printed with your design in full colour, along with a dome resin finish, offering longevity and protection of your message. Branding to the ear buds available POA. Standard prices for White Ear Buds, other colours available at additional cost.

Full Colour Product
Full Colour Ear Buds

Full Colour Ear Buds

From £6.87, Min Qty 250.


Make sure your brand is being promoted when our headphones are in use with our Full Colour Ear Buds. Branded with your design in full colour to both buds as standard, the print is also finished with a dome resin finish to add longevity to the artwork.

The smart metal wire, and great sound quality is all complemented by the plastic gift box which the headphones are supplied in. Also, we brand the lid of the case with a dome resin finish too, really adding brand exposure!

Print a different design to each bud - POA

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Pop Bluetooth Earphones

Pop Bluetooth Earphones

From £7.09, Min Qty 50.


With the arrival of the iPhone 7 came the departure of the headphone jack so what is the solution to this? Our branded Pop Bluetooth Earphones are completely wireless meaning you'll never have to struggle with your lack of headphone jack again! 

Comes with a handy carry case for keeping your headphones neatly tucked away when not in use. The case contains instructions on how to use the earphones, a micro-usb charging cable and the headphones. Has a soft silicone pull top lid to keep them secure. Approximately 2.5 hours of music and 1.5 hours of talk time from full charge. 

Ensure you have wireless connectivity to your music where ever you go. 

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Xoopar Ring Bluetooth Earphones

Xoopar Ring Bluetooth Earphones

From £18.36, Min Qty 25.


Listen to your favourite tunes wirelessly whether you're on the bus or on a jog with our branded Xoopar Ring Bluetooth Earphones. These retail quality earphones work via a bluetooth connection and have a crisp and clear sound quality. 

Designed with a clip to help with stability when the earphones are in use. Has a 5 hour play time so you don't have to worry about running out of juice when listening to your tunes. Comes with a built in volume button and microphone. Comes with micro USB charging cable and 3 different size pairs of ear buds. Supplied with a carry pouch for protection when in transport and individually boxed in cardboard boxes. 

Plenty of ring colour choices, Bluetooth connection and a retail brand quality. 

Promotional Earphones? MoJo Promotions provide a great range of personalised earphones, all created to be custom printed with your information. Earphones provide a exceptional way to show off your message. The value of personalised earphones is sure enough to ensure your advertising intents are met. Our variety includes - Xoopar Ring Bluetooth Earphones, Pop Bluetooth Earphones, Ear Buds and Earphones in a Budget Cases as well as many more. All of our items can be personalized to suit your ideas, please contact us for more information.