Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

Durham Mug

Completed: 26.05.17

A striking 2 spot colour design onto a classic mug shape, with a punchy red background. The artwork wraps neatly around this mug to really optimise the branding area.

For this project we used our Durham Mug (MP13693).

Piggy Bank

Completed: 19.05.17

A cute little pig shaped money bank that is perfect for encouraging all ages to save some pennies. On this project our client chose the transparent blue version, with a simple white Pad Printed design. Simple yet fun!

For this project we used our Piggy Bank (MP13336).

Foam Plane Small

Completed: 12.05.17

Send your message soaring through the skies with our fun, small Foam Planes. On this occasion we incorporated our clients orange and white to match their brand colours and screen printed all four wings, giving a great brand exposure at their event. 

For this project we used our Foam Plane Small (MP10630).

Square Pallet Block Pad - Large

Completed: 05.05.17

Designed to look like a box of water, as produced by our client, here our Square Pallet Block Pad was pad printed to the sides to represent their product. Printed in full colour to the top with a watery design to every page. An outstanding combination of artwork and print techniques. 

For this project we used our Square Pallet Block Pad - Large (MP17393).

Fridge Magnet

Completed: 28.04.17

A classic-style, credit card sized fridge magnet with a beautiful full colour print on the front of it. The high quality artwork and litho print really help to make this biker stand out from the intricate background. 

For this project we used our Fridge Magnets (MP11783).

Fridge Magnets

Completed: 21.04.17

A bespoke design to reflect the company's industry in an iconic way. Our simple white Fridge Magnet is branded with a minimalist blue print that keeps the focus on the effective magnet shape. 

For this project we used our Fridge Magnets (MP11783).

Marrow Earthenware Mug

Completed: 13.04.17

A vibrant 3 colour screen print onto our classic shaped Marrow Mug with its crisp white background. Making the most of the branding area, we printed to both sides of the mug for maximum exposure.

For this project we used our Marrow Earthenware Mug (MP15928).

Trolley Coin Keyring

Completed: 12.04.17

A handy addition to any keychain, our Trolley Coin Keyring was stamped and infilled with 3 spot colours to make a clear and crisp message. We even branded it with a different design to the other side to optimise the print area. 

For this project we used our Trolley Coin Keyring (MP10266).

Urbino Stylus Ballpen

Completed: 07.04.17

A stylish pen with laser engraved logo situated in a sleek black box for presentation with a 1 colour print to the top of the box. Neat and modern with that truly premium feel. 

For this project we used our Urbino Stylus Ballpen (MP17059).

Paris Procelain Mug

Completed: 30.03.17

A really great looking mug and design, with a subtle silver screen print. No more scraping the desk with it's lovely soft blue bottom!

For this project we used our Paris Porcelain Mug (MP17553).

Chambery A5 Hardback Notebook

Completed: 24.03.17

A deep embossed logo on the front with 11 individually personalised insert pages throughout. A beautiful design by Toffee Hammer Productions/ Janssen Academy. 

For this project we used our Chambery A5 Hardback Notebook (MP15897).

6 inch / 150mm Architects Scale Rule

Completed: 17.03.17

The central placement of the logo with a website either side making a straightforward design that optimises branding area. This shows how simple artwork can be utilised for such a useful product. 

For this project we used our 6 inch / 150mm Architects Scale Rule (MP13836).

Durham Dye Sublimation Mug

Completed: 10.03.17

This Durham Dye Sublimation Mug makes brilliant use of the full outer wrap to maximise branding potential. A fun message on the sides with all of their contact details in the middle, a truly optimal use of space!

For this project we used our Durham Dye Sublimation Mug (MP15908).

Screen Wipe

Completed: 03.03.17

A vibrant full colour print to the backing card and full colour logo to the screen wipe truly brings this product to life. A great use of colour to catch, and keep, the attention of everyone. 

For this project we used our Screen Wipe (MP15686).

Americano Mug

Completed: 24.02.17

Branded with a heat transfer litho print for a high definition picture quality to the mug and a 1 colour screen print to the band. If the wonderful artwork isn't enough to sway you, it's also double walled for those all-nighter library trips! 

For this project we used our Americano Mug (MP15262).