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Promotional Tailor Tapes (6)

Tailor Tape Keyring

Tailor Tape Keyring

From 49p, Min Qty 250.


Our custom printed Tailor Tape Keyring makes an excellent addition to your keyring, ensuring you can measure up furniture or spaces with ease. 1.5m length tailor tape, the casing is personalised with your design to 1 side as standard. Supplied individually poly-bagged.

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Budget Tailor Tape - Metric/Imperial


Measuring couldn't be easier with our personalised Tailor Tape Measure. With a total of 1.5 metres length and available with both centimetres and inches measurements, this item is great for anyone in fashion.

Tailor Tape - Metric

Tailor Tape - Metric

From 67p, Min Qty 250.


Make sure your branding measures up with our branded Tailor Tape. Made from a sturdy plastic our 1.5m tailor style measuring tape has cm gradients on both sides. Custom printed with your design to the side of the case. 

Full Colour Product
Tailors Round Tape Measure

Tailors Round Tape Measure

From 67p, Min Qty 100.


Perfect for tailors and designers, our custom printed Tailors Round Tape Measure is ideal for promoting your brand. With a large print area on the front, which includes your design in full colour as standard. The handy 1.5m long tape, has CM measurements to 1 side and Inches to the other and is contained within a hardwearing plastic casing. With a white case and white button, measurements in red.

Premium Tailor Tape - Metric/Imperial


Our premium Tailor Tape is supplied with a 1.5m long fiberglass tape with both cm and inches measurements. With retractable push button, this custom printed tape is ideal for fashion and fitness.

Premium Rainbow Tailor Tape

Premium Rainbow Tailor Tape

From £2.68, Min Qty 300.


A professional standard tailor tape, made in Germany to the highest standards. With compact 1.5m length roller tape measure with infallible, patented rewind mechanism. In a range of nine brilliant trendy colours. Advertising imprint on centre disc, on case. With CM to front side and Inches to back side of tape OR CM to both sides - the choice is yours. If you are looking for the best tailor tape quality this item is for you.

Promotional Tailor Tapes? Measure everything from your table top to the next client your are fitting for their suit with our custom printed tailor tapes.

Attach our personalised Tailor Tape Keyring to your car keys so you’re always equipped or kit out your tailors with our branded Budget Tailor Tape - Metric/Imperial. If you want to impress your clients with a high quality version, try our branded Premium Rainbow Tailor Tape. Available in 9 different colours that all have large branding areas which can be customised with your design. Whether you’re looking for CM on one side and inches on the other, or CM to both the choice is yours with your product. Perfect for handing out as a useful gift to clients or kitting out your tailors with your own personalised editions.

The great thing about custom tailor tapes is that they are always handy. Whether they’re being used to measure up a room for redecorating or taking measurements for adjusting a suit or gown for alteration, they’re always useful to have around. Being such compact items, and with one from this range even having it’s own keyring attachment, these items are great for storing easily for later use or allowing your customers to use on the go. This helps to keep your branding in front of them and makes them great for tailor's, furniture companies and any house decoration companies as simple handouts.

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