Hayfever in the summer, colds in the winter and even the occasional heartbreak, you never know when you’re going to need a promotional tissue.

In our range we stock both a packet and boxed version of tissues to you can use them on the go or make sure everyone has their own flu catching tissues at their desk for when the office bug makes its rounds. Both of the customised tissues options can be printed in full colour so you can make you can print in as many colours as you want. The branded Tissues come with a full colour insert and the Printed Box of Tissues has the entire outer sides flood printed.

Personalised tissues make thoughtful giveaways and great for desks and receptions alike. The tissue packs are great for slipping into your pocket or handbag for when your runny nose strikes meaning your message will be on show every time your customer goes rooting through their pockets or handbag. The box of tissues is ideal for placing in a reception area so your customers are greeted with a friendly tissue and a reinforced brand message.

Ready to get your own branded tissues or can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Give our sales team a call today and we will find your perfect customised tissues!