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Promotional Chewing Gum (6)

Chewing Gum Pack

Chewing Gum Pack

From 11p, Min Qty 5000.


2 pieces of fresh mint chewing gum in a flow wrapped packet. Also available in 1 piece and blister pack.

5 Piece Chewing Gum Pack

5 Piece Chewing Gum Pack

From 22p, Min Qty 5100.


Customisable chewing gum that comes in a silver foiled blister pack with a metallic effect. 5 sugar free peppermint chewing gums in the pack. Available with cardboard casing, P.O.A

Full Colour Product
Individual Sticks of Chewing Gum

Individual Sticks of Chewing Gum

From 23p, Min Qty 500.


A fresh take on the Wrigley's classic our custom printed Individual Sticks of Chewing Gum are a brilliant low cost yet tasty giveaway. Wrapped in silver laminate, we are able to offer either Mint of Fruit Flavoured sticks of gum ensuring that you will always have great smelling breath! 

Branded with your design in full colour to the outer sides of the wrapper, full coverage, there is excellent potential to create a design that will not only contain all of your information, but really stick in the mind of the recipient. 

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

From 34p, Min Qty 1000.


6 Peppermint or Berry flavour, sugar free chewing gum tablets in a blister pack, inside a printed cardboard sleeve.

We're Not Sure
6 Piece Chewing Gum Card

6 Piece Chewing Gum Card

From 83p, Min Qty 100.


Give out a breath of fresh air at your next event with our custom printed 6 Piece Chewing Gum Card. With your choice of fresh or cool mint flavours, this chewing gum card makes a handy giveaway for any event. 

Contains 6 pieces of chewing gum that are packed into a foil card to keep them fresher for longer. Foil pack slips neatly into place on the backing card. 18 month shelf life. Printed in full colour, full coverage as standard so you can colour everything from top to bottom. 

Give your clients a breath of fresh air with this refreshing gum. 

12 Piece Chewing Gum

12 Piece Chewing Gum

From £1.08, Min Qty 1000.


Never worry about bad breath before that important meeting with our 12 Piece Chewing Gum. Contains 12 pieces of classic flavoured spearmint Chewing Gum sealed in a blister pack for freshness. Your design is custom printed in full colour to the outer sides of the card casing as standard, allowing for unlimited print colours and photographs at no extra cost.

This substantial 12 pieces of gum ensures that your design is kept by your clients for longer, for maximum branding exposure. Slim and lightweight, this product is brilliant for mailing.

Promotional Chewing Gum? MoJo Promotions produce a fantastic variety of personalised chewing gum, all tailored to be custom printed with your logo. Chewing Gum provide a exceptional way to expose your information. The branding options found with personalised chewing gum is guaranteed to ensure your marketing targets are met. Our collection includes - 12 Piece Chewing Gums, Individual Sticks of Chewing Gums, Chewing Gum Packs and 6 Piece Chewing Gum Cards. All of our merchandise can be branded to suit your aspirations, please contact us for more information.