Our customised manicure sets are perfect for showing off any company logo. When personalised these manicure sets provide an essential product for all women!

Make sure your nails are always clean and presentable with our promotional manicure sets. You’ll never have to hide that broken or badly chewed nail again.

In need of the bare necessities to file and shape your nails? Try our personalised Mini Nail File Matchbook. But, if you’re in search of a custom printed manicure set worthy of giving to top end clients, you’ll need the personalised PU Manicure Set. This 6 piece set is enclosed in a luxurious PU case which is ideal for using when you don’t have enough space in your bag to bring your whole beauty kit. Easy to store and finished to a retail worthy quality, this case is branded manicure set is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to keep their appearance well groomed.

Whether you’re frantically filing away before the interview or sat back making sure your nails are perfectly shaped on your commute to work, personalised manicure sets always come in handy. They’re a thoughtful gift for travelling business men and women and are a wonderful touch for hotel rooms. Custom printed with your design, these kits will come to good use time and time again, so your branding will be on hand every time it comes to making sure your nails are on tip top point.

Check out what your logo would look like when it’s printed with your design by arranging free of charge visuals with our sales team.