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Come the end of Autumn an email appeared in our inbox from Dave titled “MoJo’s Animal Sweet Challenge’. In order to add a bit of craziness to our weekly staff meeting, the idea was formed that, every week 1 person would bring in an animal shaped sweet for the rest of the group to eat and judge! A score would then be placed based on originality of the animal / sweet, and the overall taste. Once these scores had been gathered, they would be averaged out to give the final mark for the sweet.


If you think this all sounds pretty straight forward, you would be wrong! Alongside these rules, there are also the following;

  • No repeat animals. If an animal, in whole, has been done and you repeated it, your sweet would be disqualified.
  • No more could be spent on the total amount of sweets for the group than £5.
  • No savoury sweets allowed. None. Sugar only.

So, 20 weeks in, we thought we would give you a quick overview of the competition so far on the journey to be the king or queen of the Animal (sweet) Kingdom. The expedition into this unknown land started civilly with Dave and his chocolate monkey, scoring nicely across the board on both taste and originality. In the following weeks, the scores stayed positive but we could all feel our competitive edges starting to take hold. It may have been coming up to Christmas but the ‘good will towards all men’ was not seeping into the scores. Things were starting to heat up in the kitchen and the true chefs were showing their colours - maybe a little early, it might be said.

We could practically hear the Christmas bells chiming by the time Natalie bought the chocolate reindeers in that she had spent hours slaving over the night before. They were chocolate cakes with a chocolate icing, topped with chocolate chips for eyes, a white chocolate and glaced cherry nose with some pretzel ears - and they were delicious. But, without knowing it, Natalie had broken one of the core rules of MoJo Munchies - no repeat animals!

We are glad to say that is the only disqualification we have had so far but as the animals narrow down and the competition heats up, it’s only a matter of time before someone is forced to crack open their DVD of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth to find a niche animal no-one has brought in. South American Rhino Bullfrog we hear you ask? That’ll likely be next weeks at this rate!

With whales, hedgehogs, butterflies and even unicorns now out of the equation, no animal is safe from the being replicated in some delicious, sugary form. If you want to keep up with to date or pass your vote on our latest creations, check out our Twitter feed where the results get posted every Wednesday! 

The day was soon upon on us and we donned on our glad rags and made a beeline to the nearest shop that sold alcohol. Everyone came dressed to the nines, with spirit levels as high as the alcohol selection. We lowered the lights, turned up the music and gathered around the Christmas tree, peering at where the Secret Santa presents were securely stashed, trying to guess which one they might open later that evening.


Once everyone had done their rounds of introductions, and told their stories of the nightmare that is finding an outfit for the Christmas Do, it was time to dish the dirt on who got what present. All the presents were perfectly chosen to suit the person but our favourite by far was Sophy’s gift, that Sally had got. In true Secret Santa style, Sally had bought her a mystery box that was already gift wrapped meaning no one knew what was in it, including Sally. We think it’s fair to say that a lightbox and some gin and tonic flavoured popcorn was definitely a good surprise!

Little did everyone know, John had planned a surprise for everyone in the office. It was the MoJo version of the Oscars - the Dogscars! With three adorable dog shaped teddies up for grabs, the awards were a celebration of all the fun from the past year. The nominees were announced and partners of the group were invited to stand up and present the winners with their awards. Sophy, Emily and Natalie all took home the prizes for their outstanding performances and now are the proud owners of the first ever MoJo Dogscars.

Once the festivities were over it was time to make a move to the main event of the night - the meal. We finished off our drinks and wandered over to the Athena, which was a gruelling, hard, 30 second stagger (some of us were in high heels!). We entered the circus like venue, a fitting attire for the night’s shenanigans, and loved the theme immediately. The place was decked in head to toe with red and white stripes and everything circus-esque. After wandering the halls and finding the nearest bar, we grabbed our drinks and took our seats for the evening entertainment.

Three rounds of wonderful food and a good chin wag later, the stage became the dancefloor and we soon made our way to bust some moves, the Athena dance floor has never been so lucky. The dinner had fueled us and the alcohol gave us the confidence to get up and shake what our momma’s gave us! We partied as hard as we could but unfortunately, as always, the clock struck 12 and the glass slippers were starting to hurt.

After the brilliant food and some ‘civilised’ drinking we headed off into the night, some of us in the direction of the local pub and the more responsible of us off to rest our heads. We can’t be 100% sure which was the better option for how to carry on the night but we all had a lot of fun and can’t wait for our next MoJo outing!

This MoJo Monday is Sally’s brain child who thought it would be a good idea to bring partners along to a local pub quiz! What’s that? An opportunity to break down into smaller teams, compete, and hold bragging rights until the end of time? We were obviously all on board immediately.


We headed to Cultura on Queen’s Road, a trendy street populated with a lot of students, which was to be our battle arena for the evening. We first helped ourselves to a delicious curry, fueling our brains for the robust challenge that lay in wait.

Then it came; the decisive moment of breaking down into teams. The first team consisted of Tom and Sally from MoJo, along with their other halves, and friends Alex and Rhys. Team 2 included John, Dave, Sophy and Dave’s wife Hayley.

The quiz was broken down into four sections of 10 questions, with each category being more gruelling and troublesome than the last. These were; Sport, General Knowledge, Music and Film. We braved through, shouting bullish words and taunts at each other to make the opposing team doubt everything they had come to believe in.

At the end of the 4 rounds Tom and Sally’s team were ahead by half a point, despite some nasty tactics and their superior numbers. John, Dave, Sophy and Hayley still had a fighting chance.

Then came the bonus round, 10 music intros, and Tom and Sally’s team really threw down the gauntlet, blasting the other team out of the water. But it wasn’t just the other MoJo team, it was each team involved with the quiz. The 6 other teams were destroyed, meaning at least one of the MoJo teams reigned supreme.

There unfortunately was no throne to crown the champions, however we exited the premises with smug self esteem. You’ve been warned, if you see us at a pub quiz, you'd best make a sharp exit.

Trying to keep spirits high, Tom suggested that we have a pumpkin carving night. Filled with festivities such as spooky Halloween music, themed doughnuts and, of course, pumpkin carving! Seeing an opportunity that allowed us to play with knives, the MoJo team (dangerously) couldn’t wait.

Combining the event with our routine MoJo Mondays, we all shuffled outside after hours to the table where the pumpkins were lined up, ready for us to let our creative sides show. Dave and John, in their usual competitive nature, raced to be the first to carve up the plump, orange fruit. They grabbed their knives and scoops and dug straight into it. The rest of the team were soon to follow out into the dark night, edging around the garden to steer clear of the knife point from Dave and John’s flailing arms!

The cold, Autumn chill whipped around us but we were all in high spirits with Halloween tunes playing through our Xquare 2 Bluetooth Metal Speaker. John took the speedy route and went with the classic smiley face design whilst Tom went for an intricate Oogie Boogie.

Sally and Emily were competing for who could throw more seeds on the floor whilst Tom was busy scraping out all of the fleshy inners, and trying to win 'cleanest pumpkin of the year' award. Sophy carefully planned out her masterpiece whilst Dane tried to figure out what he was going to carve on his baby Pumpkin (which he was convinced was actually just a large Orange).


With bits of pumpkin flying left, right and centre, Dave and John were head to head in the race to the finish line. Dave lit his candle first, and placed his final piece on the MoJo stairs with John very closely behind. Sally, Sophy and Emily were the next to finish with Dane and Tom crawling to the finish line!

With all our outstanding designs skillfully sliced into our pumpkins, we placed them on the stairs and sat back to enjoy some festive Krispy Kremes provided by Tom. However, the evening chill was setting into our bones and soon we had headed off and left the MoJo pumpkins to protect the office from anything that might go bump in the night.

The first race immediately began the minute we locked up for the day. With Emily, Sally, Dane and Tom in one car, and Dave and John in the other, we raced to the course to earn the first bit of gloating rights. John and Dave arrived 1st, by mere seconds, so the rest of the team waived away their victory, focusing on the main task at hand; Mini Golf.

We walked into the centre to retrieve our sporting gear and headed out onto the course. After some lunging, and safety stretches, we started on the practise hole. With Dave claiming his golfing skills were a little rusty, we wanted to make sure he had no excuses for when he lost.

The game then begun and, on the first few holes, it was clear to see that we all had our work cut out to beat Dave, apparently the practise runs had worked out in his favour and our smug grins were well and truly being wiped from our faces!


Come the tenth hole, it was fair to say the sweat was starting to drip from our brows. The sheer pressure of getting a hole-in-one was quickly becoming the difference between winning and losing. Well, for everyone bar Dane and Emily who were actually competing for who could come last. The first, and only, hole-in-one came by Tom in what seemed like a slow-motion, moment of sheer glory. But would it be enough to take the overall victory?

The final hole was soon upon us and it was evidently clear it was meant to be a hole-in one, with a straight forward shot to the hole. This was the perfect opportunity to claw back any points we could, and insult anyone who needed more than 1 stroke. After 4 failed attempts, both Tom and Sally got it down to the second part of the course in their first try and were soon over the finish line.

After handing in our clubs at the reception, we eagerly awaited the results and gathered around Tom, the elected score official. The tension was high and we would soon know the winner (if there was some cheating involved, we won’t mention it). The team was practically foaming at the mouth but suddenly Tom spoke and the word was final. Dave was the winner! We’re not 100% sure if he was just trying to put us off his scent when he told us his mini golf skills were rusty but we all had plenty of fun on this adventure!

As the sun started to set and our stomach started to grumble, we headed off for some well earned pub grub.

Taking part in an evening class at the University of Leicester, David has just finished a 60 hour course in Post Beginners Japanese, passing with a distinction. Tackling Japanese like a modern day Godzilla, David could now (probably) survive in the Land of the Rising Sun, he can certainly order a beer, so as we said, he’d survive.

In fact, David has now been coming to work in kimonos, typing at his keyboard using chopsticks, and smelling out the company fridge with sushi. We’re beginning to think that taking this course was a bad idea.


Apparently, he is going to be taking the intermediate course this coming October...we can’t wait to see what transformation that brings, but in case it’s Sashimi lunches, we have our nose pegs ready.

So, for our MoJo Monday we took a little trip down to Wilkos and bagged ourselves the finest BBQ that the company budget would allow. With our most valuable summer tool in hand, we headed to Mark and Spencers (queue advert music) and picked up some luxurious sirloin steaks, and a beautiful mixed leaf salad. This isn’t just a BBQ, this is a MoJo BBQ.

When the Flintstone’s work whistle blew at 5:30pm, David hopped off his dinosaur to the garden where, using his abundance of IKEA flat pack furniture knowledge, set to work on the BBQ. John ferociously ripped at the weeds that had surfaced over the wetter months, while Tom, Sally and Sophy prepared the alcoholic beverages. Arguably the most important job of the lot.


When all was done, the coals were set alight and slowly, but surely, the smell of summer hit us all. G&T’s in hand, steak readily prepared by David, and the sunshine beaming down, what better way could have been spent enjoying the fading hours of the evening sunshine. We even powered up our Bertie Speaker, an office fave, and let the summer jams warm our souls.

When the steaks went on, the flames kicked up and everything seemed to be over in a flash! It was barely 5 minutes before David was moving the steaks to the plate, with perfect grill marks on them that could only have been matched by Jamie Oliver.

The team were overjoyed, or at least, these were the emotions they expressed out loud. The juicy and tender steak performed a little jig on the MoJo taste buds, setting everyone’s steak standards at a new high. A newfound respect had also been found for David who, until this point, we had thought was useless!

With plates clean, and not a morsel left in sight, we polished off the remaining liquid in our glasses and reflected once more on the heavenly steak. The sun had  dipped below the Leicester skyline, and the evening cold started to make it’s move, we packed away, and headed home.

We’ve not put the BBQ away, we know we’re gonna be getting our money’s worth over the summer. We’ve also moved David off of sales, and into the kitchen, full time.

It’s a story full of lies, deceit, and the fleeing of responsibility, that culminate in a grand gesture, full of diamonds (well one) and fireworks (the existence of fireworks in this story are pure speculation).

It started on a normal Saturday afternoon, where Pete had been forced into a day of labour by Miss Donnell, mainly the painting of a downstairs toilet. However, mid-way through, Pete dropped the paintbrush, and picked up his car keys, yelling in fierce protest that he was going to flee the dystopian rule of Donnell and go to view a fishing rod.


Sophy, as imagined, was not impressed by Pete’s decision to go and look at fishing rods, but little did Sophy know, Pete was en route to Sophy’s parents house to ask her dad for permission to marry his daughter. Queue the tissues.

We’re not sure how Pete gained the permission, it could have been the overwhelming affection he holds for Sophy, or it could have been a cash bribe. However, somehow, he was granted what was needed and then headed home.

Upon his return, it was fair to assume that Sophy was as fierce as a dragon for Pete’s abrupt exit. That was until he lowered his knee, bust out a diamond as shiny as the paint job on a Ferrari and popped THE question.

Sophy of course said yes and now we eagerly await the wedding to which I’m sure the whole MoJo team will be invited. I’ve already heard they are planning a free bar, and that our table will be closest to it.

The work involved was as follows (but not limited to!): historic research, copious amount of labour, demolition, painting, new electrics, lighting, plumbing, security, networking, furniture sourcing and did we mention painting?

Through all of the hard work, sweat and tears (mostly from David having to paint) we are pleased to announce that the renovation is complete and we have now moved into the new space! A well known local architect who visited our new office just after it opened stated “this is the best office in Leicester” and we could not agree more.

The final space created harks back to the industrial atmosphere of the original 1920’s style, however with all of the mod cons of a 21st century office. The exposed brick work is highlighted by the vintage lights and Edison bulbs that dance around the brickwork’s imperfections, whilst the reclaimed industrial furniture compliments the exposed steel columns and large open plan space.

It’s a space that we’re all honoured to enjoy everyday and incredibly proud to work in. So of course, and as with all new homes, the space needed a warming party.

Before the main evening began, we were paid a lovely visit by the folks at our local newspaper the Leicester Mercury, who wanted to get to know our history and the process of the renovation. They even took a flattering photo and posted the article online (full article here).


The evening kicked off with the arrival of local businesses, our old office neighbours and the people involved in making our new home possible. This first hour flew by with the attendees admiring the space and interacting with the staff, quizzing them on how the office started out and how strenuous the process was.

This was all highlighted by the projected slide show which presented photos of the renovation from start to finish. It was difficult to watch the slideshow and not feel incredibly proud of how hard the MoJo team had worked not only during the renovation but also over the past eight years.

Soon after the local businesses left, the evening became a shin-dig for friends and family, where the champagne was flowing as much as the conversation. We spent an hour talking about all we had accomplished before Nina, John’s wife, made a very moving speech which really highlighted the journey the company had taken from its creation. 

Not long after, the team headed to The Case restaurant for a three course dinner and final celebration to round off the night. It was a fantastic evening all round, full of laughter and tears!

With the project complete, and MoJo settled in their new home, we turn our attention to growing the company and filling this space with more wonderful people. One of our biggest projects is now over, but our most exciting project is just about to begin...

That’s right! Like the “See No Evil” emoji we cannot get enough of, the MoJo team decided to retrace our evolutionary steps back to our primate days and take to the tree tops in Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest.

It was another weekend event for the MoJo team and the weather was in our favour as sun beams bounced off our car on the way to Nottingham. Arriving for our 10:30 slot, we were all harnessed-up in preparation for the safety briefing.


The first safety demonstration required a volunteer from someone in the crowd. David, being the glory-hog he is, raised his hand before the instructor even finished the question, eagerly stepping up to the mark before the other MoJo members, or any of the other 10 randoms within the same time slot, could. It worked out for the best! After executing the small training section with perfection, the Go Ape instructor asked the rest of David’s team to follow, which meant that we wouldn’t be stuck behind any slow-pokes on the actual course.

We made our way to the first section and entered the gate to gaze upon a huge rope ladder, which kick started our swinging journey. In the tree tops, we could have easily been mistaken for apes (or an Orangutan in Hannah’s case) as we traversed beams, crawled through hanging barrels and zoomed down zip wires.

The big event was the Tarzan swing, which was brought to our attention before we started the climb. As we made our way through the course, we could hear the screams and cries of those ahead of us, trying to tackle the Tarzan swing, but from the sounds of it, losing. Finally arriving for our turn, our apprehension building, we ascended the unstable ladder to the top of the ledge. After checking we were safely connected, and checking again (and maybe once more just to be sure), one by one we jumped, screaming out our lungs as we were jerked down by the rope and launched towards the cargo net opposite. Dazed from the initial impact, on the second strike we had to scrabble up the netting, emerging on the other side as fragile and broken individuals.

Dramatic as we may be, it was actually really fun! It was a great day out which provided many laughs, including a competition where we judged each other’s landings on the multiple zip wires, gymnastics style. Kathryn’s elegant, Mary Poppins style landing was poetic, Sally nailed her descent with precision straight as an arrow, whereas David completely wiped out, hitting the dirt like a flailing mad man.

We finished the day enjoying a pub lunch. Sadly, no bananas were ordered, but overall it was a brilliant day, which we would recommend to anyone wanting to unleash their inner King Kong!

The year of 2015 has been a strong one for MoJo. We’ve expanded our team and we’ve had fantastic work, from new and old customers alike. But perhaps the biggest event this year - NEY - in MoJo history, is our forthcoming big office move.

Currently based at the amazing LCB building in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter, our ever expanding team means it’s time to fly the nest and take on a premises of our own.

We’ve undertaken a difficult, but rewarding project, which will see us renovate a former leather factory into a brand spanking new office.

Our main priority was to remain in the Cultural Quarter, find a building that offered a large open plan space and contained a lot of character (not a lot to ask!). After a long search we finally we found the Pfister and Vogel building.

It was perfect! The building was initially built in the 1920’s and was owned by an American company who specified in the production and tanning of animal leather. The building contains some fascinating historic features, including the original 1920’s ceramic sign and a huge metal scale in the foyer, used to weigh the animal hides. But it was the industrial core of the building that really caught our attention. From the steel columns, to the natural light from the 1920’s windows, we knew that we had to restore it to its former glory.

We have now begun what we foresee to be a difficult, yet rewarding, process of turning the building into an open plan office space, sympathetic to the original building.

Having lastly been used as a Thai restaurant, it might be hard to envision the finished article at this point. There are currently several piles of rubble, destroyed plastered walls and copious dust clouds that litter the space, however with big plans and ideas in mind, watch this space...

The MoJo team has had a very good, but very busy, start to 2015. With the number of clients and enquiries rapidly growing. The addition of Heather, Kathryn and Sophy (unfortunately, those last two names are not typos) has brought a much needed balance to the squad, helping with the growth of the company.

Heather was brought into the company to help with admin, finances and to be part of our artwork team. Her creative flare has definitely shown through mock ups and visuals that she has prepared for customers. Graduating from Newcastle University with an English degree Heather is the baby of the group and considers herself a Pokémon master.

Kathryn actually joined the team at the end of December 2014, but has really come into her stride in the recent months. Previously working in a sales background, Kathryn is a Leicester veteran after spending her time undertaking American Studies at the University of Leicester - a year of which she spent in Arizona! In her free time, Kathryn enjoys studying German.

Sophy joined the team at the end of January and also comes from a sales background. Sophy’s previous role saw her managing sales and stock levels of products and her knowledge will certainly serve her well here at MoJo. Sophy studied forensic sciences (which may be the coolest degree someone has at MoJo!) at Lincoln University and in her free time, enjoys keeping fit with jogging, preferably to and from the nearest pub.

With wanting to start 2015 with the continuing growth MoJo saw last year, the addition of three new staff members certainly shows that 2015 will be another hit year for MoJo. We wish Heather, Kathryn and Sophy the best of luck in their new roles and we hope that they enjoy the fast-paced atmosphere and have fun!

2014 started with a bang! We had a couple of months after the Christmas break to get back into the swing of things before March hit us. This proved to be a record breaking month for the company as March 2014 saw more orders placed than any other to date. These included orders from huge corporations, to personal gifts for weddings, and although the team were swept of their feet, we were all very glad of the kind feedback we received.

We then decided to fuel the flames by releasing our brand new website at the start of April. A new look, a new layout and a new MoJo. We updated the aesthetics of the website as we wanted to emphasise the creativity and uniqueness of the company. This included our portfolio which showcases some of the jobs we’ve done, along with a new website map, making it easier to navigate the categories and sub-categories. The old website served us well, but we certainly do not miss it in comparison!

The MoJo team have also contributed regularly to charity and this year was no different. We started with a 5K run for Sports Relief in March that would lead on to our big event, which was soon to become known as the Mojathlon. If you read the previous news articles, you’ll see that we cycled across rocky mountains, dove into sub-zero temperatures in a Welsh bog and ended the event with a mad-dash, fleeing from Zombies over a 5K post-apocalyptic obstacle course.

Overall we raised a whopping £310.00 over the 3 events for LOROS and we are thankful for the donations we received.

Along with the new website, MoJo also gained new employees. We’ve seen some people come and go, however we have doubled the amount of people who were working for MoJo in 2012! We’ve not only grown in numbers, but also as colleagues and friends, through meals out for birthdays, the charity events and the classic after work Pint on a Friday!

All in all, we could not be more grateful for the growth and success we have achieved in 2014. When you hear stories of small businesses struggling in the current climate, you feel privileged to be growing and continuously gaining momentum. We’re again thankful to all those who made it possible and we look forward to this year and what is to come. Here’s hoping 2015 is every bit as good as 2014...and then some!

We split into three cars and raced (safely and at the speed limit) to the venue. We all knew that the first car to arrive would have bragging rights, while the last car would be deemed pathetic and slow for the entire evening.

Upon arriving, we donned our fancy bowling shoes, found the weight and sized bowling ball of choice, and headed to the lane.

After inputting what could be considered inappropriate names into the system, and setting up the bumpers for all of the girls bar Sally, we split into our teams. The “Killer Bees” consisted of David, Sally, Heather and Lucy, whilst the “Honey Badgers” included John, Tom, Hannah and Hollie.

David’s first bowl was an embarrassing zero, whilst immediately after Hollie picked up a strike by using the bumpers like a game of pinball - an underhand tactic that would see her get more spares and strikes than anyone else.

We played one round which included much laughter, many strikes and a lot of gutter balls! (apart from those playing with bumpers) However it was Hollie who appeared victorious, with the “Honey Badgers” winning overall.

We then proceeded to pizza, with John and David driving the mere 5 feet to the restaurant door, to wind down the evening.

We are looking forward to the next MoJo event, the Christmas Party, which we are sure will be a night we will never forget (...or we can remember).

This weekend saw the team head to Cambridge early on Saturday morning to take part in “Contagion in Cambridge”. The event was a 5K run with a twist! Littered around the course was an abundance of volunteers dressed up as zombies, out to get you.

We arrived around 10am and it felt like we had wandered into a movie. The atmosphere was chilling. From the body bags lying on the floor to the “quarantine” signs on fences, it really was the tiniest detail that made you forget that this was all pretend. The fake notes from people looking for loved ones were particularly impressive, and further promoted that care had been applied to make this event feel real.

After we registered, we were handed our tag rugby belts. These belts held three tags, each representing a life which you had to keep with you throughout the 5K. People who finished the race with at least one tag won a “Survivor” medal, whilst those who perished received an “Infected” medal.

Although the “infected” medals looked better, the MoJo warriors were determined to dodge and duck out of the way to be survivors!

It then hit 11am and we were let loose on the course, we thought we would have time to warm up, maybe there wouldn’t be a zombie until at these 1K into the race; we were very wrong.

Straight away the zombies leaped out at you, screams echoed from all directions as people started shimmying around the zombies, some very lethargic, some eagerly awaiting your approach so they could nab a tag. We dodged one zombie who had collected at least 25 tags - a zombie not to be messed with!

The 5K course took us through tents filled with smoke, open areas with wandering zombies and even barbed wire! It was very atmospheric and we all stuck together to try and survive as a team…

...and we did! Crossing the line with 5 tags between the 4 of us, we collected our survivor medals and t-shirt with pride, knowing that when the Zombie Apocalypse does happen (which it will) we will be safe and sound.

As such, this brings our triathlon for the LOROS charity to a close. We managed to raise an impressive £310 and we’d like to thank everyone who helped us reach that figure.

The Mojathlon has taken us over dirt tracks, through Welsh bogs and finally, fields of infected undead, however we’ve managed to do it all. Now someone get that kettle on!

That’s right! This weekend saw the MoJo team take part in the World Bog Snorkelling Championship as part 2 of their Triathlon in order to raise money for local Leicester charity LOROS.

We set off from Leicester on Saturday to accomplish the 4 hour drive to Llanwrtyd Wells, the home of the ‘World Alternative Games’ and World Bog Snorkelling Championships. The journey was made even more interesting by the Sat Nav’s ability to take us through several tolls and scenic roads, which certainly gave the drive some character!

We arrived to watch the sun go down on the Saturday night outside our tent before venturing out for some Pub Grub in the smallest Town in Britain (fact!). There was a real sense of community and camaraderie in the air as everyone in the Town was talking about the games and some of the other events that had taken place that day.

After befriending some Australians and New Zealanders, burning a multipack of Crisps on the fire and stealing Darts from a nearby Pub, we hit our sleeping bags to prepare for the next morning. Upon waking, we donned our Mime outfits (with the exception of John, who resembled something close to the Joker/Your Worst Nightmare) and walked to the World Bog Snorkelling Championships.

Fear enclosed us immediately. The bogs looked cold and the people getting out of the bogs looked even colder. We knew that this was going to push our bodies to the limit. The Bog was a 60 yard trench, filled with the brownest water you have ever seen. The challenge involved swimming two lengths with a maximum of 2 minutes allowed per length.

After registering our names, we had a 2 hour wait, which allowed the fear to grow and worsen. Soon, “David” echoed over the speakers, with “Hannah” and “John” following shortly after. The flippers went on, alongside the goggles and snorkel and one by one we stood on the edge of the Bog peering down at the water.

David went for the ‘jump in and get cold quickly approach’, while Hannah and John went for the classier - ease yourself in slowly - option. The water was colder than anything we had ever experienced. The cold gripped you immediately and your muscles soon tensed up. The whistle was blown and the freezing water engulfed us as we lowered our bodies and heads underwater. At this point, visibility was reduced to zero.

Your body wanted you to breath quickly to replace lost energy, but the snorkel made it difficult, which resulted in a fight for breath. It also felt like you were in the water for forever. What was 120 yards, felt like 120 miles...but we survived! With David coming in 1st with a time of 2:32, Hannah following with 2:50 and John rounding of The Musketeers with a time of 3:04.

It was a fantastic, very difficult experience and Team MoJo are glad to have pushed ourselves to the limits in something completely different to the 1st Bike event. We even made the news! We now turn our heads to October, where we will finish of the Triathlon with our running segment. Fleeing from Zombies and trying to survive a 5K run.

Ellis has previously worked in the world of digital marketing and now turns her creative flair towards the promotional products industry. In her free time, Ellis enjoys making vintage clothes, anything about Cats and brewing large amounts of Tea and Coffee. We are happy to welcome Ellis’ creative abilities to the team alongside her passion for Tea and Coffee, where we hope she will continue to fuel our caffeine addiction.

Hollie is a huge Leicester Tigers fan and long time season ticket holder (for 10 years +, her name is even engraved in the stadium!) which bodes well with us here at MoJo. Hollie has gained great experience as the Sales and Event Manager from her previous roles and we know that her ability to organise and prioritise, alongside her bubbly personality, will serve her well here at MoJo!

The introduction of the two new employees is a great boost for the company, which continues it’s ever growing success in 2014, and we wish them the best of luck in their MoJo endeavours.  We also hope they have great success and fun whilst working at the company!

Keep your eyes peeled for an updated ‘About Us’ section which will include both Ellis and Hollies favourite things, soon.

The first event was Cannock’s ‘Chase Trails’, a 10km Bike Ride through mountainous rough terrain, concrete slabs, narrow wooden bridges and heighty jumps. As the majority of us had not ridden a bike for some time, it’s fair to say that this might be the most nerve-racking event of our Triathlon, which all of us feared!

We set off from Leicester at an early start of 8:30am to get to Cannock (just outside Lichfield) for 10:15am. Upon arrival, the abundance of professional looking off road bikers was terrifying! What had we gotten ourselves into? This was a trail designed and built for competent Mountain Bikers, some of us had only just removed the stabilisers from our bike!

We had to put the fear aside. This was for a worthy cause and we wanted to push ourselves to the limit. So after receiving our bikes and helmets, donning our LOROS T-Shirts, we set off. But, the fear soon returned.

The difficulty of the ‘Follow the Dog’ trail was immediately apparent. Our bikes careered from side to side underneath us, the bumpy terrain threw us around like rag dolls and in no time at all, concrete slabs had Hannah falling from her bike and being flung over a fence in what might have been the slowest tumble of all time.

With only a few scratches from the first fall, we braved the rough ride and pushed on. Ollie almost fell off a narrow bridge into a pond, David landed a jump leaning too far forward, resulting in the back wheel of the bike rising to mere inches behind his head. This all climaxed with Ollie’s fall down a hill, in which he tucked himself into a ball and just rolled.

But despite the harsh challenge, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Once we had gotten to grips with the course we soon adapted to cope with the rocks and bumps and started to love the challenge. And although the images do not make us look overly dirty, to endure the steep hills and dangers at each hairpin turn, was a true challenge.

Keep your eyes peeled for more images of the event being posted to our website soon. But for now we will dust off our Snorkels, in preparation for the Bogs!!

After deciding a triathlon would be a tough test, we decided to take each event one step further. The end result will see us tackle bog snorkling, a zombie run and a mud track bike race. All events will be documented for your enjoyment & viewing pleasure!


24_August 2014_ This is the “swimming” event of the Mojathalon, involving a sloppy, smelly and damn right dirty snorkel through the finest bog in Wales. We will each be pushing to win the competition so that we can be crowned as the glorious World Bog Snorkling Champion.


25_October 2014_  And onto the “running” event, a 5km course dodging the Undead & navigating a multitude of obstacles in Cambridge. We have to survive zombie attacks and get to the finish line, or else become one of  them! Mud and guts will definitely be involved!


29_June 2014_ Our “biking” event sees us take to an off road dirty track, for a 10km winding course through the Chase Trails. For those of us who last rode a bike when we were kids, we hope the old adage “you never forget how to ride a bike” is true!

Please encourage us on our way by giving a small donation to our local charity LOROS, who offer help and support for adults diagnosed with terminal illness.

We are currently looking for a full time Account Manager. The role involves handling the branding of merchandise on behalf of both UK and International organisations, including: schools, SMEs, charities, industrial and blue chip companies.

In a nutshell the job entails:

- Building relationships with existing and new accounts nationwide and internationally.
- Managing the production of branded merchandise from inception to delivery.
- Offering creative consultancy on a versatile range of products and branding techniques. 

For further information please contact


Her duties include repeatedly doing the opposite of what she is told and chewing all items within sight, both skills that she has excelled at so far!

Her CV also boasts her modest claim that she is "the cutest dog in Leicestershire", who are we to disagree?

We look forward to working alongside her over the coming years and wish her the best of luck in her new role.

The Accumulator Challenge gives us £50 to start and we then have to grow this into as much money as possible, of course every penny goes back to Loros! So far we have come up with ideas including "Schnauzers in Trousers" and "Pugs on Rugs" two absolute crackers we think. However the real gems are being closely guarded as it is a competition after all.

Good luck to our fellow competitors and we will see you in 3 months at the end of the challenge to see how much money we have raised.

The three course meal was excellent, however this was topped by a performance from the internationally renowned Diversity, who were incredible. We later took to the dance floor to show off our moves, which were not as athletic as Diversity, however "the shuffle" did seem to go down well with many of the other guests!

Thanks to the BPMA and our host for having us, we will see you again next year!


Our evening begun in Turtle Bay, a great new restaurant in the heart of leicester offering some of the finest Jerk food and Cocktails from the West Indies. The environment of the restaurant was fantastic! From the open facing kitchen, to a wall of speakers, the Caribbean theme and feel was immediately apparent and the MoJo team fell in love instantly. We knew this would be an reoccurring food establishment that we would visit! After consuming roughly 3 chickens between us, we headed to Laser Quest to pack some action into our evening.

We had 3 games to play and decided the classic 'Boys vs Girls' would be most interesting... ...And interesting it was! There was laughter, there was tears, and even under-hand play - "My gun was faulty the entire game" - However it was the Boys who finished victorious in each game, mainly down to Ollie and John's gunslinging skills (whilst David just ran around like a headless chicken, shooting aimlessly).

We ended the evening with no energy, but many funny memories and we look forward to the next MoJo event, which we hope will be less tiring!

Fresh out of college, and with a keen attitude, we’re looking forward to Ollie becoming a valued member of the team, contributing with admin tasks alongside helping with the artwork and design elements of the company.

Ollie was introduced to us through Leicester College’s ‘Apprenticeship Scheme’ and we offer Ollie a warm welcome and he hope he enjoys his stay here at Mojo.

We would also recommend the ‘Apprenticeship Scheme’ to any company considering it, it has been an easy and pleasurable process so far.

Our friends at Senator Pens surprised us today when they unexpectedly arrived at the Mojo office to present us with an award!

Printing products such as the all-time favourite “Super Hit” to the quirkier “King Can”, Mojo promotions are proud to receive our second award this year for selling some of the fantastic range supplied by Senator Pens. 

This award has put even more gusto into our company and we hope to continue our success throughout the remainder of 2013.

After winning the same award last year, the hopes were high to succeed again at this year’s event. As the awards were read out, we waited with bated breath to hear “Mojo Promotions” echo over the microphone by Lawrence Angelow, the Group's founder. Upon hearing our name we were overjoyed, applauding as John approached the stage to receive the award.

We are immensely proud that we have won the award two years in a row and, with both awards now gleaming in the MoJo office, we look to next year where we hope to replicate our success and strive even harder to improve.

With an early 7 o’clock meet at the Mojo office, we headed to the Nottingham event; fearful at the lack of training we had all done in preparation for the 10K run. Upon arriving, we were given our start time of 8:30am, but before the event begun, we took part in a quick warm up to lift the spirits and calm the nerves!


Once the race started, we found ourselves jogging at a leisurely pace, before climbing over a huge wall of hay. We started to wonder what all the fear was about which is when we hit the open water swim and were reminded of the cold British summers. From that point onwards we faced muddy trenches, water slides and underwater tunnels, and although exhausting and dirty, we all had a great laugh at the falling over and shenigans along the way. Sticking together as a team throughout, we helped each other over walls and through trenches, and finished the race with a time of 2 hours, which we are all very proud off.

We are even more proud that we beat our fundraising target of £600 by £30, totaling £630 for The Jake McCarthy Foundation, which we hope will help with their aim of raising awareness of the symptoms of brain tumors. Xrunner have also upload a compilation video on the following page: Xrunner Event and some of the Mojo Team make an appearance! We’re now famous and if you would like a signed autograph, please do not hesitate to let us know.