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Our Favourite Personalised Pens

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Urbino Stylus Ballpen

Urbino Stylus Ballpen

From £5.30, Min Qty 50.


A superb quality hybrid ballpen in matt black, rose gold or silver anodised aluminium with a rubber touch stylus tip for use on touch screen devices.

Fitted with a German made 'easyFlow' black ink refill - this is a ballpen with the free flowing writing characteristics of a rollerball! Various presentation boxes are available at additional cost. Standard prices based on printing, however, engraving is available POA.

Available in Black or Silver as standard, Gold available at a small extra cost.

"Technologically advanced...

Urbino Stylus Ballpen: a sleek touch for the tech-savy. A ballpen at one end a stylus at the other. A 21st century pen."

Premec Chalk Mechanical Pencil

Premec Chalk Mechanical Pencil

From 62p, Min Qty 250.


Minimalistic design with clean and crisp matt finish to the barrel, our branded Premec Chalk Mechanical Pencil is a high quality pencil, without the price tag of a metal alternative. 

Premium Swiss designed quality product that is available in 2 elegant colour choices. Stocked in the UK for a fast turn around. Can be supplied in a rubber gift box - POA. 

A high quality mechanical Pencil without the price tag. 

Senator Super Hit Ballpen

Senator Super Hit Ballpen

From 21p, Min Qty 500.


Our best selling retractable ballpen with a broad barrel and clip, our branded Senator Super Hit Ballpen is one of the most popular in our range. With plenty of vibrant colour choices to choose from and the excellent Senator quality, this pen is German Made and guaranteed to impress all who receive one.  

Available in 15 standard colour combinations. Also possible to to "mix and match" barrels and clips (additional costs apply to Mix and Match service). Barrel comes in gloss or matt plastic finishes. Black Ink refill as standard.

Also check out the Xtreme version for full colour wrap branding!

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Prodir QS03 Ballpen

Prodir QS03 Ballpen

From £1.19, Min Qty 500.


Get your engines ready for our awesome branded Prodir QS03 Ballpen that comes with tyre tread detail to the barrel! This innovative, intricate design ties in perfectly for automotive traders and makes a stunning addition to any desk. 

Comes with a high quality matt finish to the barrel for that tyre-like, rubberised feel. Both solid and translucent clip colours to choose from! Provided with a black ink refill as standard but can be supplied with blue, red or green ink - POA. Can also have a soft touch finish to the barrel - POA. 

Make sure you're ready for the race to the finish line with this extraordinary pen. 

Cross Edge Rollerball

Cross Edge Rollerball

From £28.43, Min Qty 25.


Looking for a gift for a loyal client? Try our branded Edge Rollerball. A heavy weight metal pen with unique slide action opening combined with a beautifully smooth rollerball ink refill. 

Comes supplied with a black jumbo ink refill as standard to suit everyone's writing style. Supplied individually packaged in a deluxe gift box for that extra premium feeling.

Prices as standard for a 1 colour print or engraving to the barrel. Multiple branding areas, colours and techniques are available - POA. Please note the setup for engraving is £55.

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Image Chrome Fountain Pen

Image Chrome Fountain Pen

From £5.00, Min Qty 50.


Give a premium pen with a classic style that your client will treasure for years to come without breaking the bank with our branded Image Chrome Fountain Pen.

Complete with Matt and Chrome fittings this premium fountain pen writes smoothly thanks to its Iridium-tipped stainless steel nib. Your design is engraved to the cap or barrel to show through with a silver finish, for the premium touch. Individually boxed in a black card tuck box, however, premium gift boxes are available for a small extra cost. Standard prices based upon the Chrome finish, however, Black and White Pens are available POA.

A classic fountain pen that has both a beautiful finish and great value for money. 

San Diego Ballpen

San Diego Ballpen

From 30p, Min Qty 500.


This customisable, vibrant pen is going to brighten up any surface it is placed upon. Comfortable to hold it is a great pen that you can use to take notes in a meeting or scribble your busy life into a diary.

Made from a ABS plastic, for a durable finish. With matt barrel and gloss finish button and nose cone, this pen belies it's price. Available in up to 10 different colours and with branding to the clip and barrel, this pen has a great branding potential. Comes with a blue ink German refill, with approx. 1200m writing length for ultra smooth experience.

Manhattan Ballpen

Manhattan Ballpen

From £4.42, Min Qty 50.


Always be ready to impress in a moments notice with our branded Manhattan Ballpen. With the beautiful metal finishes available and your logo engraved, this product will give an air of true sophistication.  

With a choice from three different finishes. 

Prices as standard for a 1 colour print to the barrel of Graphite Grey Manhattan Ballpen. Multiple positions, colours, finishes and laser engraving options available - POA. 

Foxglove Mono Wooden Pen

Foxglove Mono Wooden Pen

From £2.75, Min Qty 100.


Sign off your next business deal with our customised Foxglove Mono Wooden Pen. Made from FSC certified wood and then mono chrome coloured to give an alternative to traditional metal pens for subtle, premium style.

Made with beechwood natural finish wood and then coloured. Smooth finish to the wood with silver pushcap and trimming. Comes with a blue ink refill as standard. 

Available in natural finish as well. 

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Mophead Pencils

Mophead Pencils

From 68p, Min Qty 100.


Get a pencil with some added character using our branded Mophead Pencils. With your choice from 13 different mophead characters, these are awesome pencil buddies for children! 

Printed in full colour to the barrel as standard with the mophead attached by a clip to the pencil. The clip can be removed to use the eraser at the top of the pencil and when done with the pencil the mopheads can move to a new home! 

Perfect for schools, this pencil is both practical and fun. 

Pesaro Ballpen

Pesaro Ballpen

From £5.20, Min Qty 50.


Looking for a classic style metal pen with a unique clip? Our personalised Persaro Ballpen has an innovative roller clip and stylish 'crown'/cap that exudes elegance and is sure to be the office envy. 

Stocked here in the UK for quick turnaround, the matt black lacquer engraves through to achieve a white aluminium finish. Fitted with a German made easyFlow hybrid black ink refill, providing lovely writing quality and a long-lasting refill. Laser engraved with your design to one side of the barrel, in line with the clip, as standard, however why not engrave to the back of the barrel or end cap for maximum impact - POA. Supplied individually poly-sleeved as standard; can also be supplied in a range of gift boxes that can be branded also - POA. 

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Trent Colour Ballpen

Trent Colour Ballpen

From 12p, Min Qty 1000.


When you're in search of a ballpen to hand out to the masses, our branded Supersaver Colour Ballpen is outstanding value for money. 

This lightweight pen is made in 8 matt finishes all of which come supplied with a black push button top. Supplied with a black ink refill as standard. The large branding area is ideal for getting all your information out at your next event. 

An outstanding value pen available in 8 different colours of matt finish. 

Soft Touch USB Ballpen

Soft Touch USB Ballpen

From £8.03, Min Qty 100.


Come prepared to your next presentation with our personalised Soft Touch USB Ballpen. The premium mirror laser engraving finish is sure to impress all of your corporate guests at your next business conference. 

Soft, stylish rubber finish with a silver clip to tie in with the mirror laser engraving. Comes with a slot for the USB above the clip. Unique shape which houses both the USB and ink refill without feeling chunky. 

Prices are as a guide price for mirror laser engraving to the barrel with a 4GB USB and black ink refill,  due to the fluctuating prices please contact us for a formal quote. Other branding techniques, positions, ink refill colours and different USB clip colours are available - POA. 

We're Not Sure
Madison Ballpen

Madison Ballpen

From £1.41, Min Qty 100.


Our well-weighted, high quality branded Madison Ballpen is guaranteed to impress your customers. Plus, it has a price tag that is hard to argue with! 

Made with either a pearly white or matt black finish and chrome fittings, this pen embodies a traditional and sophisticated look. UK stocked for a turn around. Supplied with black ink as standard. 

Add an air of sophistication to your promotions without the price tag. 

We're Not Sure
Prodir DS8 Metal Clip Ballpen

Prodir DS8 Metal Clip Ballpen

From £1.39, Min Qty 500.


If you're looking for a pen with an exemplary and innovative design, look no further than our customised Prodir DS8 Metal Clip Ballpen. With a edged barrel and sturdy metal clip, this pen redefines what it means to be stylish. 

Plastic barrel pen with either a matt, polished or soft touch finish - POA. Comes with a premium black ink refill as standard but can have blue for no extra charge. Prices as standard for printing to the clip. Can also print to the barrel or have red or green ink refills - POA. 

If you're looking for a stylish pen where every inch of it's innovative design has been thought of, this is the pen for you. 

Premec Chalk Ballpen

Premec Chalk Ballpen

From 43p, Min Qty 250.


Swiss designed pen with sublime writing quality, our branded Chalk Ballpen is a pen of true quality. Made in Switzerland and stocked in the UK, this pen comes with a  simplistic shape and beautiful matt finish. 

Light and comfortable to use, the rounded barrel will sit comfortably in any hand. Supplied with black ink as standard. 11 different colour options to allow you to tie into your corporate colours and stocked in the UK for a fast turn around. Can be supplied with a rubber gift box - POA. 

A simplistic, Swiss designed pen of superb quality. 

Bramble Clutch Pencil Set

Bramble Clutch Pencil Set

From £13.36, Min Qty 100.


When drawing up your next great design make sure you use a premium tool like our personalised Bramble Pencil Set. Beautifully smooth curves to this pencil with clutch action holder, this is not only a brilliant artistic instrument but a gift set that will elevate the status of any company. 

Comes with presentation stand in the same colour with built-in sharpener for keeping designs crisp. Supplied with 5.5mm graphite lead HB that can be replaced once used. Comes with presentation box which can also be printed - POA.

Ideal for artists and designers alike.  

"Beautiful Swiss quality...

Premec Chalk Ballpen: 11 different colour options, light weight design and UK stocked for a fast turn around."

Cross Calais Ballpen

Cross Calais Ballpen

From £8.83, Min Qty 25.


Take a premium pen into your next meeting and impress your customers with our custom branded Cross Calais Ballpen. The sturdy metal casing to this ballpen will sit comfortably in your hand when you're writing up the next business proposal. 

Comes supplied with a smooth black ink refill as standard with a choice of finishes to the body. The sleek, twist action ballpen also has a clip for hooking in your top pocket when on the go. Comes individually packaged in a premium gift box. 

Prices as standard for printing to models or engraving to the Matt Black or Satin Chrome finishes. Blue ink refill, different branding techniques and deluxe gift boxes are available - POA. 

Senator Dart Clear

Senator Dart Clear

From 20p, Min Qty 500.


Reach for our custom branded Senator Dart Clear ball pen next time you need to jot down your thoughts and notes. A modern looking pen, this retractable ballpen sports a transparent barrel and attractive integrated push-clip to make your branded pen also your favourite pen. Smooth writing and German made, this pen is an ideal banded product for a huge range of promotions.

Senator Hattrix Metal Clear

Senator Hattrix Metal Clear

From 46p, Min Qty 250.


A brilliant promotional pen frpom the Official Senator Range. This retractable ballpen includes a translucent barrel printed with your design, ergonomic soft grip section and large metal clip. Fitted with a blue plastic G2 super large capacity refill to keep you writing for longer. Various other finishes available POA.

LAMY Pico Pen

LAMY Pico Pen

From £21.66, Min Qty 50.


Our favourite pen of all time in the Mojo office! A unique, award winning design, as retailed in John Lewis. A high performance pocket ballpen with a refined lift mechanism, transforming it from pocket to writing size. When the end of the pen is depressed, the Pico extends from 9cm to 12cm, while at the same time extending the writing tip. A brilliant metal pen!

"Engineered brilliance...

LAMY Pico Pen: Pocket sized to carry, writing size once clicked. Ingenious design coupled with style."

Moleskine Classic Click Ballpen

Moleskine Classic Click Ballpen

From £9.10, Min Qty 80.


Add a touch of luxury to your Moleskine notebook with our custom printed Moleskine Classic Click Ballpen. The problem of having no pen loop is taken away with this specifically designed pen that clips easily onto the cover of your Moleskine notebook. 

The rectangular shaped barrel is perfect for accompanying the notebook. The minimalist design and matte finish compliment the Moleskine notebooks to make a premium set. Pen is supplied with a black ink refill as standard. Blue available - POA. 

Ideal gift set for any corporate event when combined with our Moleskine A5 Notebook. Notebooks sold separately. 

Cross Tech 2 Stylus Ballpen

Cross Tech 2 Stylus Ballpen

From £15.14, Min Qty 25.


Master both technology and note taking at your next meeting with our Cross Tech 2 Stylus Ballpen. The soft, spongy stylus is compatible with any touchscreen and the sleek metal finish is sure to raise the bar on your office pen standard. 

Twist action ballpen with replaceable stylus and smooth gliding black ink refill as standard. A slim pen that comes with a slimline, Cross branded clip and elegant chrome trim. Both the ink refill and stylus are replaceable. 

Please note the engraving is only available on the chrome finish and printing is only available on the red, blue and black finish. 

Supersaver Twist Frost Ballpen

Supersaver Twist Frost Ballpen

From 14p, Min Qty 500.


A shapely pen that will make you want to squiggle away. Supplied in a wide range of colours. Twist action with frosted finish. Black ink.

Contour Digital Ballpen

Contour Digital Ballpen

From 32p, Min Qty 250.


Print your design in as many colours as you want with our personalised Contour Digital Ballpen. This super value ballpen has been redesigned with a sleek, slightly flattened edge so you can print in full colour. 

Available in 10 different grip colours with a chrome trim.  Comes with a black ink refill as standard. 

Full colour print and extremely cost effective. 

Stylus Touchscreen Pen

Stylus Touchscreen Pen

From 77p, Min Qty 300.


An elegant choice for a branded stylus. Slim, twist action multi-function pen featuring a ballpoint and tablet PC/smartphone touch stylus. Glossy coloured barrel with a shiny metal trim. Can also be engraved POA. Available with blue or black ink.

Why choose personalised pens? Custom printed pens are still one of the best promotional products in the market. Always useful and great value you will find a huge range of customised pens to choose from on our website. Ballpens, metal, marker, highlighters and pens in presentation boxes are just some of the range we supply.

Without a doubt, Personalised Pens is our largest category, and it just keeps on growing - and for good reason! Pens are a reliable promotional item that will always be useful and are available in such a huge range, including materials, prices, quantities, branding methods and so on.

We love our Promotional Pens range because we feel there is a pen that is truly suitable to any need. Whether some cheap and cheerful pens are needed for giveaways at a freshers fair or you’re looking for top quality engraved Cross Pens for corporate gifts (or even somewhere in the middle!), we’ve got a pen that’ll tick all of your boxes!

Our range of best sellers includes our affordable and extremely customisable Senator Liberty Polished Plastic Ballpen, as well as our Prodir DS8 Metal Clip Ballpen and our top end Cross Edge Rollerball. But that’s just a snippet of what is available, to see the full range, use the sub categories above.

Why not also request a MoJo Catalogue which shows a wide collection of our favourite Promotional Pens or get in touch with the MoJo team today for a chat - we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right Personalised Pen for your requirements!