MoJo Promotions supply a vast range of promotional baby items. Our range includes bath thermometers, bowls, clothing and hats all of which can be personalised with your design. If you require any further information regarding our customised baby items please do not hesitate to contact us.

Make sure even the smallest members of the family can take part in your events with our promotional baby items.

We supply everything from custom printed Trainer Cups to personalised Baby Grows but our favourite from this range has got to be the customised Hooded Towel. Made from 360gsm terry cotton, this towel is sure to keep even the smallest members of the family wrapped up and warm after bath time. They are excellent for nurseries and hospitals for after bath times and for drying them off when they get caught outside in the rain.

Our range of branded baby products has been especially chosen to suit every possible opportunity from Face Towels to Teddy Thermometers. Our range is great for stocking up your nursery or hospital stores with your own branded products. This variety of products can all be customised with your design and are sure to come in handy whether it’s cutlery for meal times or bath thermometers.

Give our sales team a call today and we can arrange for samples to be sent to you so you can check the quality of these items for yourself.