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Why choose personalised desk accessories? Our promotional Desk Accessories category is full of helpful pieces of stationery for use around the office that can all be custom printed with your design. Whether its practical like a personalised mobile phone holder or sticky page marker or just something to brighten up the desk like a customised photo frame, we have included plenty of options in our range. Regardless of if you’re rebranding the office or just looking for a helpful send out, our range of branded desk accessories is packed with items to impress.

Get a personalised desk item with a unique feel with our Bespoke Concrete Items. Cast in concrete with your branding, they are perfect for turning heads.

Filled with a variety of personalised Desk Items from branded phone stands to notebooks, there is everything you'll need to get your desk ready!

Jot down any & all of your daily notes on a personalised Memo Board. Extremely handy & compact, these branded memo boards always come in use.

Keep your reminders front & centre on your desk with our promotional Memo Holders. Clip style to magnet designs, there's plenty of choice on how to hold your note.

MoJo Promotions hold a fantastic variety of personalised mobile phone holders, all intended to be custom printed with your...

Keep all those elusive paper clips stored in one of our custom printed Paper Clip Holders. Novelty plastic candy boxes to premium magnetic versions available.

Beloved photos to personal achievements, personalised Photo Frames are versatile products. Printed to engraved, there's also plenty of branding options!

We have a variety of promotional Stationery Sets. From pre-made sets to bespoke PVC tape, whether it's ease or alternative, there's something to suit all.

Ensure all your notes are colour coordinated with our promotional Sticky Page Markers. Compact & perfect for customised handouts or mailouts!