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Why choose personalised gift packaging? MoJo Promotions provide a first class range of personalised gift packaging, all designed to be custom printed with your requirements. Gift Packaging provide a wonderful way to support your brand. The goodwill created by personalised gift packaging is sure enough to ensure your promotional aspirations are met. Our selection includes - Notecards, Gift Boxes, Protective Packagings and Gift Wrappings. All of our merchandise can be custom printed to suit your aims, please contact us for more information.

Take your gift set to the next level with one of our amazing Gift Boxes. We stock everything from wooden crates to wicker baskets and even fully printed custom presentation boxes.

Time to think about the little touches... stickers to seal your box, tissue paper to reveal the items and a personalised postcard to say hello! Welcome to the most fun part of our Mailed Merchandise range.

Let your recipient know why you love them! Gifts without a note feel empty, a personalised notecard is a must. We can even handwrite a message on your behalf!

Double walled cardboard mailing boxes, Jiffy bags, Poly mailing mailing bags! We have it all to make sure your Mailed Merch campaign arrives safely.