Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

Mint Cards

Completed: 09.07.20

When has a set of mints ever looked so dazzling?! The sunshine orange and cyan blue cards were used on this project for brand affiliation, with the logos alternating on either set to give the colour-brand cohesion that next level personalisation.

For this project we used our Mint Cards (MP15043).

Desktop Garden

Completed: 07.07.20

Our team instantly fell in love with this design by the University of Leicester! Thanks to the use of a digital print technique we were able to crisply print their logo on the wraparound label which was printed in their fiery red branding colours. Against the aluminum can it bursts with vibrancy, creating a stunning level of brand exposure. Great job!

For this project we used our Desktop Garden (MP14315).

Bespoke UK Made Socks

Completed: 02.07.20

With their artwork woven into our Bespoke UK Made Socks, Outsourced Events have developed a piece that we are exceptionally proud to have been a part of! The use of the main black separates the white logo from the cyan, green & orange aspects giving each position a stunning level of balance and vibrancy.

For this project we used our Bespoke UK Made Socks (MP20311).

Expanding Phone Stand

Completed: 24.06.20

De Montfort University is back with yet another extraordinary design on these Expanding Phone Stands. Their distinctive Griffin icon has an impressive level of hierarchy that is then shared with the design's message which is a wonderful marketing tactic. The elegant-white digitally printed artwork has come out exceptionally and we are really impressed with the quality of this desirable piece. 

For this project we used our Expanding Phone Stand (MP20807).

Americano Mug

Completed: 19.06.20

These Americano Mugs are also featured in our Portfolio. Why? Because we love them! The balance in colours, which we managed to tie-in with the brand, really helps elevate the screen printed artwork to the front & gives them a glorious, almost instinctive-like finish.

For this project we used our Americano Mug (MP15262).

Beck Metal Ballpen

Completed: 10.06.20

This Beck Metal Ballpen ticks all of our boxes! Each crisp element works in harmony, from the chrome trims to the vibrant pink barrel which all comes together with the Outsourced Events logo which we screen printed in-line with the clip. 

For this project we used our Beck Metal Ballpen (MP20686).

Zipped Tech Pouch

Completed: 05.06.20

The digital print to the top of this Zipped Tech Pouch gives the composition an elegant-understated feel, giving the pouch an additional element of quality and desirability. The dark red on the black pouch is simply an ingenious way of achieving this feeling, great job Chill Out!

For this project we used our Zipped Tech Pouch (MP20786).

20cm Henry Bear With T-Shirt

Completed: 01.06.20

Sometimes it's easy to let the product do the talking, and there's no exception here for this Henry Bear. The University of Leicester went for a custom 25cm bear along with traditional graduation attire which complimented the natural material of the bear. We printed their artwork to the left breast for a subtle yet succinct finish that compliments the rest of the piece with stunning effect!

For this project we used our 20cm Henry Bear with T-Shirt (MP19589).

Pure Silk Woven Ties

Completed: 20.05.20

Simply stunning! This corporate looking box and tie will leave the University of Leicester scrambling to keep hold of them. We used a jacquard woven technique which allowed us to achieve the smaller details such as the crest, giving it a polished finish. The contrast between the black, white and glistening red elements ties this all off to aplomb, wonderful stuff University of Leicester!

For this project we used our Pure Silk Woven Ties (MP13832).

Tucson Medium Notebook

Completed: 17.05.20

We really love a blind embossed finish here at Mojo, and this sleek Tucson Medium Notebook is certainly no exception. What really pleased us with this notebook was the subtle difference between the branding and the deep black nature of the notebook which gives it an extravagant finish that is full of richness and luxury.

For this project we used our Tucson Medium Notebook (MP16748).

500ml Aluminium Sports Bottle

Completed: 13.05.20

And then there were 3! The University of Leicester came back to us to replicate the design we did in 2013 but instead on a sparkling set of black and red. The simplistic white screen printed branding gives the bottles a stunningly sophisticated finish that just leaves you in awe!

For this project we used our 500ml Aluminium Sports Bottle (MP13739).

Kangaroo Soft Toy

Completed: 09.05.20

Partnering up with their Tiger Soft Toy Telstra have again pulled off another blinder with this adorable soft-little Kangaroo edition. We applied their blues using an accomplished 2 spot print against the luminous white T-Shirt which uplifts their artwork, giving it more branding exposure.

For this project we used our Kangaroo Soft Toy (MP20759).

Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup

Completed: 06.05.20

The detail in the full colour digital print has come out wonders on the grip of this vibrant Stojo! HSBC cannilly used the natural partnership of the brilliant white grip and lid with their glowing red counterparts to tie-in their own brand colours. Excellent job, well done!

For this project we used our Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup (MP20810).

Cocktail Napkins

Completed: 02.05.20

These napkins we produced for Chill Out! will turn heads at any bar or dining table! We sourced the fiery red napkins to tie-in the branding colours then foil blocked the design in white to give the overall finish a sense of luxury and quality.

For this project we used our Cocktail Napkins (MP15683).

Full Colour Socks

Completed: 29.04.20

A truly stunning design with a premium looking finish sums up these vibrant Full Colour Socks in a nutshell. We were overwhelmed with excitement when we received this sample, with the dye sublimated printing method coming up trumps and keeping the smaller elements of the repeat pattern crisp and energetic.

For this project we used our Full Colour Socks (MP20411).