Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

UK Dye Sublimation Lanayrds

Completed: 18.09.18

Flood printed in full colour with a gold colour and the branding to show through in the crisp white. This lanyard also comes fitted with a double ended attachment for keeping the customers information on show. Excellent idea!

For this project we used our UK Dye Sublimation Lanyards (MP16917).

A4 Deluxe Presentation Folder

Completed: 17.09.18

Customised in full colour to the outer and inner, this project was perfect for embracing the clients colour palette. Finished with a delightful matte lamination to represent that premium look and feel.  

For this project we used our A4 Deluxe Presentation Folder (MP18198).

12 Inch / 300mm Triangular Scale Rule

Completed: 14.09.18

This incredibly practical scale rule is printed in full colour allowing the well thought out design to pop. To maximise the size of this large branding area, the design has been spread across almost the entire width of the rule. 

For this project we used our 12 inch / 300mm Triangular Scale Rule (MP15190).

Recycled CD Pencils

Completed: 12.09.18

The solid white, 1 colour screen print sits vibrantly on this jet black pencil. The print also wraps around the pencil, encouraging user to actively engage with the branding. 

For this project we used our Recycled CD Pencils (MP11836).

Pegasus Plus Drawstring Bag

Completed: 10.09.18

This bag was carefully selected for its vibrant blue colour that matches the brand guidelines. The bright and clean white print packs a punch and the wide print area is perfect for displaying it. 

For this project we used our Pegasus Plus Drawstring Bag (MP17188).

Sapporo Keyring

Completed: 07.09.18

Our state of the art branding machines have recreated an incredibly detailed design on to this premium matt metal keyring. A high quality keyring with a stunning, intricate design. 

For this project we used our Sapporo Keyrings (MP14137).

Brite-Americano Mug

Completed: 05.09.18

A beautiful high resolution, full colour branding to our iconic Brite Americano. This heat transferred litho print has an excellent high resolution finish and the non spill lid is great for any commutes or car journeys. 

For this project we used our Brite-Americano (MP18319).

Kolding Glass Reusable Bottle

Completed: 04.09.18

Customised with a neat and clear 1 colour print, the pantone colour was chosen to tie in perfectly with the lid. A premium bottle that works excellently to impress customers in any meetings. 

For this project we used our Kolding Glass Reusable Bottle (MP18452).

Fruit of The Loom Short Sleeve Baseball T Shirt

Completed: 31.08.18

The red in the top perfectly incorporates the red from the logo and the combination is instantly recognisable. The excellent print area to both the front and back were perfect for catching the customers eye for this promotion. 

For this project we used our Fruit of The Loom Short Sleeve Baseball T Shirt (MP14020).

Jelly Bean Factory Pill Pot

Completed: 22.08.18

This portable pot of jelly beans was printed with a full colour design to the wrap around to catch your eyes and then branded with a QR logo, which had a premium dome resin finish, to the lid to get customers surfing their website. This order even had the jelly bean flavours picked to match their colours!

For this project we used our Jelly Bean Factory Pill Pot (MP20917).

Chambery Luggage Tag

Completed: 20.08.18

Stunning textured PU material with an incredibly crisp embossed design. The sharp embossing finish is made from using a premium brass die. 

For this project we used our Chambery Luggage Tag (MP14383).

Travel Accessories Bag

Completed: 17.08.18

A neat white print onto the bag with the blue to relate to the corporate colours. A brilliant quality, natural bag that keeps the branding clear. 

For this project we used our Travel Accessories Bag (MP19507).

Equinox Luggage Lock

Completed: 16.08.18

A clean and colourful logo printed in 3 colours using a high quality digital print. The red trim was hand picked to accent the red within the design, a great idea for tying it all together. 

For this project we used our Equinox Luggage Lock (MP20775).

Multi-flashing LED Balls

Completed: 11.07.18

Perfect to get guests interacting with your brand and the clear 1 colour pad print is excellent for keeping this brand logo on display. 

For this project we used our Multi-flashing LED Balls (MP15029).

Premium Mint Tin

Completed: 09.07.18

A white tin accompanied by the digitally printed logo and tag line with a white background, topped off with a premium dome resin finish. Sleek and clean is the idea behind this high quality mint tin.

For this project we used our Premium Mint Tin (MP19456).