Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

9" Scraggy Bear and T Shirt

Completed: 17.06.22

These cute little friends were produced as speculative samples for our contact at the University of Leicester and boy do they make an impression! The black hoodies give the gold Pantone match logos high levels of exposure and a stunning level of sophistication.

For this project we used our 9" Scraggy Bear and T Shirt (MP15437).

Snug Mug

Completed: 07.06.22

Transfer printed to allow the icon to be produced in full colour this Snug Mug is certain to give the brand high levels of exposure. The glowing white base allows both text and icon to be propelled to new heights whilst the curved nature of these mugs helps the artwork burst from the mug.

For this project we used our Snug Mug (MP16549).

Full Colour VR Glasses

Completed: 20.05.22

These VR glasses for our friends at Pathways were quite literally a product of vision! Their white logo beams against the cardboard's matt surface and warm purple gradient which includes the subtle yet stark low-opacity illustration which adds more depth to the overall aesthetic.

For this project we used our Full Colour VR Glasses (MP20381).

Premium 650ml Tritan Bottle

Completed: 16.05.22

So simple yet so striking this Premium Tritan Bottle was produced exactly in-line with it's namesake. The deep ocean blue bottle has a slick relationship with the chrome & matt lid whilst the white branding simply makes the entire composition seamless and consistent.

For this project we used our Premium 650ml Tritan Bottle (MP21883).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook & Pen Set

Completed: 04.05.22

A blind embossed notebook and a laser engraved pen always ticks our boxes here at Mojo and this glowing duo simply ooze class. The chrome elements of the pen work gorgeously with the engraving which in turn helps stand out against the dominant scale of the notebook, equalling a nifty little set!

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook & Pen Set (MP21092).

Cambridge Earthenware Mug

Completed: 29.04.22

The relationship between all colour elements is what makes this Cambridge Mug so special. The dark navy base gives the Pantone matched brand colours an intriguing level of control whilst the white inner helps draw the eye back to the artwork for next level exposure.

For this project we used our Cambridge Earthenware Mug (MP15460).

Bespoke Air Freshener

Completed: 19.04.22

This Bespoke Air Freshener is sure to be a hit with road users! We love the the way the print has come out with the mid orange popping against its natural base. The Rhino head showing through as the base was also a canny way of making the piece look even more unique.

For this project we used our Bespoke Air Freshener (MP14134).

Chilly's Coffee Cup

Completed: 11.04.22

What makes this official Chilly's Coffee Cup so unique is the similarity of the stock green versus ICG's brand colours. The seamless combination if furthered by the premium laser engraving which keeps both brand & cup consistent.

For this project we used our Chilly's Coffee Cup (MP22504).

60ml UK Carabiner Clip Hand Sanitiser

Completed: 06.04.22

The clear tube and sticker versus the full colour artwork is what gives this hand sanitiser a competent looking finish. We produced these with the logo running down the sticker in order to achieve the best branding potential and greater brand exposure.

For this project we used our 60ml UK Carabiner Clip Hand Sanitiser (MP22212).

Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup

Completed: 01.04.22

This custom Stojo Cup we produced would certainly not look out of place within any good high-street retailer. Such is the nature of retail products the cup has maximum levels of quality which can also be said for the branding which pops against its white counterpart.

For this project we used our Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup (MP20810).

6 Piece Chewing Gum Card

Completed: 30.03.22

Who thought something so simple would look so good! The simple white background gives the bold artwork a dominant focal point, which is perfect for a product that is small in size.

For this project we used our 6 Piece Chewing Gum Card (MP20282).

ColourCoat Thermal Bottle

Completed: 22.03.22

This set of complimentary thermal mugs gives the branding a fun yet powerful outlook. The matt finish allows these young looking colours to absorb the light around them to give them a further layer of vibrancy. Simply stunning!

For this project we used our ColourCoat Thermal Bottle (MP21252).

25cm Bambury Graduation Bear

Completed: 17.03.22

How cute is this miniature version of our Graduation Bear! This little fluff ball is plush to touch with the natural fur and deep black robes & hat contrasting gorgeously t give it a premium looking finish.

For this project we used our 25cm Bambury Graduation Bear (MP19542).

Die Cast Model Car

Completed: 09.03.22

This 12cm replica of an Aston Martin DB5 we produced for DHL is so slick! The monotone elements give it a real high class touch of sophistication whilst the black branding on the doors gives it a touch of elegance.

For this project we used our Die Cast Model Car (MP10574).

Bespoke Bobble Hat

Completed: 02.03.22

We love a fully bespoke product here at Mojo and these Bobble Hats fit that description to a tee! The nature of this meant we were able to Pantone match the brand green whilst the Jacquard Woven branding method gave the artwork a rustic edge.

For this project we used our Bespoke Bobble Hat (MP22494).