Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

Multi-flashing LED Balls

Completed: 11.07.18

Perfect to get guests interacting with your brand and the clear 1 colour pad print is excellent for keeping this brand logo on display. 

For this project we used our Multi-flashing LED Balls (MP15029).

Premium Mint Tin

Completed: 09.07.18

A white tin accompanied by the digitally printed logo and tag line with a white background, topped off with a premium dome resin finish. Sleek and clean is the idea behind this high quality mint tin.

For this project we used our Premium Mint Tin (MP19456).

Cotton Bag

Completed: 06.07.18

A delightfully intricate design screen printed in 1 spot colour that optimises the large branding area, making it perfect for maximum brand exposure. 

For this project we used our Cotton Bag (MP10526).

Rio Sports Bottle

Completed: 04.07.18

A cleverly chosen combination to include the blue from their branding in the bottle colour and the neutral white screen print, using the mix and match lid to tie in with the lower half of the bottle. 

For this project we used our Rio Sports Bottle (MP17531).

25g Chocolate Bar

Completed: 02.07.18

Customised in full colour, this chocolate bar was wrapped in a flood printed orange wrapper to match the brand colours leaving the negative space to reveal the brand name. An excellent way to make the most of your brand colours! 

For this project we used our 25g Chocolate Bar (MP14180).

Mini Easter Egg

Completed: 29.06.18

Delicious Belgian milk chocolate egg presented in a card box personalised in full colour to the entire outer sides. Flood printed in the brand colour with extra details in the vibrant orange and white to make the message clear. 

For this project we used our Mini Easter Egg (MP17322).

Wrapping Paper

Completed: 28.06.18

Personalised in full colour from top to toe on every sheet, this detailed, intricate design was carefully printed to make this piece of art that is perfect for wrapping every kind of present in! 

For this project we used our Wrapping Paper (MP20425).

Smooth Touch Travel Mug

Completed: 26.06.18

An effective monotone design featuring a soft touch all black mug and a premium, laser engraved design to show through the gleaming silver substrate. 

For this project we used our Smooth Touch Travel Mug (MP20262).

Windsor Business Card Wallet

Completed: 22.06.18

An elegant, textured real leather wallet with a crisp yet subtle logo embossed deep into the very fabric of the item.  A perfect set to match the credit card wallet. 

For this project we used our Windsor Business Card Wallet (MP19088).

Windsor Credit Card Holder

Completed: 20.06.18

A high quality, textured brown leather with a deep embossing with stunning high quality detail in the design. Sometimes less really is more! 

For this project we used our Windsor Credit Card Holder (MP19089).

Chambery A5 Flexi Notebook

Completed: 18.06.18

A classic black outer with a stunning, complimentary red inner to compliment the brand colours and give this notebook a luxury feel. The deep embossed design adds that luxury personalised touch. 

For this project we used our Chambery A5 Flexi Notebook (MP20139).

Hangover Kit

Completed: 15.06.18

A well chosen product colour to tie in with the print colours and brilliant use of white space to keep the design clean, professional and easy on the eyes. 

For this project we used our Hangover Kit (MP19347).

Extra Small Laminated Bag

Completed: 13.06.18

A superbly designed bag that is flood printed in the brands blue, allowing the negative space to show in white with their logo and contact details. The gloss finish adds a retail style shine to the bag for a finishing touch. 

For this project we used our Extra Small Laminated Bag (MP13519).

Rock Sweets

Completed: 11.05.18

As part of a larger project, these rock sweet were hand rolled with outer colours closely matching a red and black pantone and the inner 'U' branding to match their design. Tasty and tutti frutti flavoured! 

For this project we used our Rock Sweets (MP15603).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 10.05.18

For this project we chose a vibrant orange to tie in with the brand colours and then a simple and clean 1 colour screen print to for a vibrant contrast for the artwork. 

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).