Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

Durham Ring Mug

Completed: 16.03.18

Dye sublimated in full colour to achieve all the tints and colours in these cute characters. To add a unique touch to this product, we did a pantone matched ring print to tie in perfectly with the mug design. Proof that sometimes it's the little things that count. 

For this project we used our Durham Ring Mug (MP20386).

38mm Button Badge

Completed: 08.02.18

Flood printed in full colour and split across two different designs, the simple yet effective artwork keeps the message clear and easy to read. 

For this project we used our 38mm Button Badge (MP13814).

Marrow Earthenware Mug

Completed: 06.02.18

If it's alternative you're after, this design will fit your brief perfectly. This etched design is literally engraved away from the mug for a completely permanent and quirky way to promote your personalised mug! 

For this project we used our Marrow Earthenware Mug (MP15928).

Winston Bear

Completed: 05.02.18

A carefully selected fuzzy grey bear to catch the eye of by-passers. Personalised with a full colour print to the top with a timeless design, this bear makes a humorous and easily relatable giveaway. 

For this project we used our Winston Bear (MP20270).

11oz Full Colour Enamel Mug

Completed: 02.02.18

A premium dye sublimation print helps to bring this branding to life. Plus, the wrap around print area gives plenty of space for both these cute characters and the customers logo. 

For this project we used our 11oz Full Colour Enamel Mug (MP20229).

Matt Black Cambridge Mug

Completed: 31.01.18

Stunning matt finish over this cupboard classic makes an excellent way to jazz it up. Optimising the wrap around print, this mug has a clean white on black 1 colour print and the detail achieved is magnificent. 

For this project we used our Matt Black Cambridge Mug (MP20209).

Travel Adaptor

Completed: 30.01.18

A clean and crisp 2 spot colour print to the lid of the case to tie in to previous projects we've done. Additionally, the large branding area helps to make sure the branding is crystal clear for all to see. 

For this project we used our Travel Adaptor (MP10938).

Tea Bag Envelope

Completed: 26.01.18

Fancy a cuppa? Flood printed to the entire outer side in blue with the branding to show through as white. A straightforward and effective design - plus it contains 1 tea bag, just for your enjoyment. 

For this project we used our Tea Bag Envelope (MP17381).

Credit Card USB Flashdrive

Completed: 24.01.18

Flood printed with a different design to each side, the high quality print has beautifully replicated the intricate details in this design. A wonderful hand out for events or potential customers. 

For this project we used our Credit Card USB Flashdrive (MP15714).

Brite Mat Lite

Completed: 22.01.18

Bright and colourful on one side, factual and beautifully designed on the other. Just flip it over to see whichever side you're feeling that day. Plus, it's no additional cost to print full colour, full coverage to both sides! 

For this project we used our Brite Mat Lite (MP15157).

50g Milk Chocolate Bar

Completed: 19.01.18

Delicious milk chocolate wrapped in foil and a full colour printed label which has been neatly designed to direct your eyes to the picture of the team. A thoughtful gift with a great design!

For this project we used our 50g Milk Chocolate Bar (MP15206).

Webcam Cover

Completed: 18.01.18

Personalised to both sides of the card and the webcam cover for maximum impact that will stick around. This full colour card is both eye catching and packed full of useful information. 

For this project we used our Webcam Cover (MP19328).

Bespoke Hardback Notebook A5

Completed: 15.01.18

Inspired by our very own MoJo notebooks, these were printed full colour to the front and back and 1 colour throughout to maximise the branding potential. A clean and minimalist design that works to keep the focus firmly on the design. 

For this project we used our Bespoke Hardback Notebook A5 (MP17409).

Flexi Tag

Completed: 11.01.18

Printed in full colour with different designs to either side to optimise branding area. A near little character and the 2 colour text design helps each part stand out clearly. A lovely addition to any set of work keys! 

For this project we used our Flexi Tag (MP15104).

Polypropylene Conference Box

Completed: 15.12.17

A minimalist two colour print to create a yellow flap with the vibrant red logo whilst still optimising the stylish finish of the frosted polypropylene material. 

For this project we used our Polypropylene Conference Box (MP15901).