Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup

Completed: 14.05.19

Digitally printed to the grip, Kantar Consulting's branding looks chic and gorgeous. The bright white and deep black propel the bright logo to give it an accomplished finish. A great way to tie branding in neatly. 

For this project we used our Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup (MP20810).

Beechfield Original 5 Panel Cap

Completed: 09.05.19

This cap for Krispy Kreme is gorgeous! Embroidered to the front in white we love how sophisticated it looks on the black. 

For this project we used our Beechfield Original 5 Panel Cap (MP20255).

Animal Logobugs

Completed: 01.05.19

Canal & River Trust had their logo digitally printed to the ribbon on this adorable little Logobug. These are so fun and versatile! Canal & River Trust are sure to capture the imaginations of both children and adults alike.

For this project we used our Animal Logobugs (MP11149).

Full Size Promotional Football

Completed: 28.04.19

This Full Size Promotional Football has branded with Ionic's logo across multiple sides offering immense publicity. The hearty yellow really stands out and will be well received when it takes to the field!

For this project we used our Full Size Promotional Football (MP14666).

Phone Pop Stand

Completed: 17.04.19

This slick Phone Pop Stand has been neatly branded using a digital print to the top. The white and red vibrantly combine giving the Krispy Kreme logo a wealth of exposure. 

For this project we used our Phone Pop Stand (MP20807).

Embroidered Sweat Headbands

Completed: 16.04.19

This embroidered headband for Undertone oozes sophistication. The bright green glows off of the black giving plenty of brand exposure. Great work Undertone!

For this project we used our Embroidered Sweat Headbands (MP16881).

Rubiks Cube

Completed: 11.04.19

DRYice have had their branding finely printed to a selection of the stickers on this Rubiks Cube. It's such a neat way to promote their brand especially considering that there are 6 lush colours around the cube to compliment the artwork. 

For this project we used our Rubiks Cube (MP11147).

Build Your Own Bird House

Completed: 27.03.19

This Bird House has been pad printed in a vivid-crisp blue to the front. Canal and River Trust's logo will always attract attention when this neat little product sits in a tree!

For this project we used our Build Your Own Bird House (MP20174).

Lexon Mino Bluetooth Speaker

Completed: 24.03.19

Perfectly balanced with a deluxe blue and laser engrave to the front, this Lexon Mino Bluetooth Speaker exudes with sumptuousness! A carefully considered project, this is up their with our favourites.

For this project we used our Lexon Mino Bluetooth Speaker (MP21000).

Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box

Completed: 13.03.19

We love Turnitin's decision when it came to this exquisite lunch box. Pad printed using a soft red to the centre of the lid the text uplifts this item which would sit harmoniously within any retail environment. 

For this project we used our Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box (MP21017).

Duo Adaptor Cable

Completed: 12.03.19

Delicately pad printed to the top of the adaptor, Specsavers' vibrant green logo is well complimented with the clean white of the Adaptor Cables. This is a small and nimble piece of merchandise yet the contrast means the branding could never go amiss. 

For this project we used our Duo Adaptor Cable (MP20941).

Xoopar PowerBoard

Completed: 04.03.19

With the world of tech growing our Xoopar Powerboard offers excellent value to exhibit your brand. Printed centrally, Playtech's logo stands out effortlessly!

For this project we used our Xoopar PowerBoard (MP21042).

800ml Bottle With Flip Straw

Completed: 12.02.19

This bottle has been branded to both front and back so the branding will never be missed! With comfortable moulded hand grips and a large capacity this bottle will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

For this project we used our 800ml Bottle with Flip Straw (MP19383).

Mylar Flags

Completed: 07.02.19

The front face was screen printed using a one colour print to give a clean and precise finish. Also coming in Black and Silver colours, they are a desk must have!

For this project we used our Mylar Flags (MP15522).

Contigo West Loop Travel Mug

Completed: 03.02.19

Screen printed in green this delightful water bottle really helps to stand out from the crowd. Coming in 7 colour options the bottle can be branded on a generous 230 x 60 mm wrap around. 

For this project we used our Contigo West Loop Travel Mug (MP19438).