Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

Rock Sweets

Completed: 11.05.18

As part of a larger project, these rock sweet were hand rolled with outer colours closely matching a red and black pantone and the inner 'U' branding to match their design. Tasty and tutti frutti flavoured! 

For this project we used our Rock Sweets (MP15603).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 10.05.18

For this project we chose a vibrant orange to tie in with the brand colours and then a simple and clean 1 colour screen print to for a vibrant contrast for the artwork. 

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

Deco Mug

Completed: 08.05.18

Designed with a 2 colour print to match their various branded merchandise, we achieved this by doing a transfer print to ensure that it was dishwasher safe. 

For this project we used our Deco Mug (MP11320).

Brite Mat Lite

Completed: 04.05.18

Digitally flood printed to both sides with different pieces of fantastic artwork and then laminated for a durable finish. An excellent way to make the most of getting the brand message across!

For this project we used our Brite Mat Lite (MP15157).

Protein Shaker Gym Bottle

Completed: 02.05.18

A perfectly chosen protein shaker to tie in the 1 colour screen print colour with the lid colour. Simple, effective and clear!

For this project we used our Protein Shaker Gym Bottle (MP19314).


Completed: 01.05.18

Split across 6 colours and neatly tied together with a crisp 1 colour print. We even optimised the print area to accommodate for both the inner and outer print area! 

For this project we used our Frisbee (MP10140).

Magnetic Folding Bookmark

Completed: 26.04.18

Digitally printed to both sides with different designs in a full colour print. An excellent design utilising simple photography and block colour to make the artwork catch your eye. 

For this project we used our Magnetic Folding Bookmark (MP10025).

Excelsior Ballpen

Completed: 24.04.18

The sleek stainless steel material gives it a high quality finish and the crisp 2 colour screen print only adds to the quality whilst tying in previous branded products we have produced. 

For this project we used our Excelsior Ballpen (MP10978).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 23.04.18

A vibrant 1 colour screen print on to the soft touch cover in a blue to match their brand colours. For extra exposure, this notebook has been branded to both sides with the customers logo on the front and contact details on the reverse. 

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

Rou Bill Purity Plus

Completed: 20.04.18

Designed with a two colour screen print, the bases sleeves split between orange and black to match the print at no extra cost! Excellent way to tie brand colours together and create some differentiation for customers.

For this project we used our Rou Bill Purity Plus (MP16025).

Aluminium Sports Bottles

Completed: 18.04.18

Clean and crisp, this white aluminium bottle was dye sublimated to achieve the full colour design. The glossy white finish gives that high quality retail finish to it, not to mention the choice of caps. 

For this project we used our Aluminium Sports Bottles (MP13545).

Heritage Paper Bag

Completed: 16.04.18

Designed to optimise the branding area, the variations in font sizes in this design help to draw in everyone who catches sight of this. The smart black screen print keeps the branding sophisticated. 

For this project we used our Heritage Paper Bag (MP19285).

Cambridge Earthenware Mug

Completed: 12.04.18

A classic style mug with a black outer and a stunning shiny silver wrap around screen print. The well thought out design for this mug makes full use of the branding area, packs plenty of information and still keeps the printed easy to read. 

For this project we used our Cambridge Earthenware Mug (MP15460).

Windsor Credit Card Holder

Completed: 11.04.18

A beautifully deep embossing to this premium natural brown leather has left a deep, textured design that will last the test of time. An excellent choice for premium client gifts. 

For this project we used our Windsor Credit Card Holder (MP19089).

20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard with Bottle Opener

Completed: 10.04.18

A modern twist on an event classic, this lanyard was dye sublimated with the companies full colour logo and then had a bottle opener attached to it. Perfect for opening refreshments and starting conversations! 

For this project we used our 20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard (MP15027).