Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

Senator Challenger Soft

Completed: 18.01.20

For this pen we were comissioned by our friends at Outsourced Events and we think they've done a splendid job! The balance between the screen printed bold black and red print and the deep red and cool white of the pen is exceptional and you can't help but just gaze into the design.

For this project we used our Senator Challenger Soft (MP11404).

Senator Liberty Polished Ballpen

Completed: 14.01.20

This dazzling set of pens for Telstra wonderfully tie-in their brand colours. The pens simply glisten when in contact with light which helps elevate the branding and give them a real polished and retail quality finish. 

For this project we used our Senator Liberty Polished Ballpen (MP19152).

Small Triangle Highlighter

Completed: 12.01.20

This nifty little highlighter is so smart! The nature of the pad print meant we could print them full colour, including the gorgeous gradient that runs through the detailed arrows. Well done University of Leicester!

For this project we used our Small Triangle Highlighter (MP16028).

Table Tennis Balls

Completed: 09.01.20

This Table Tennis Ball will get everyone talking, great job Ski Alpine! The detail is so intricate considering this delicate one colour print has such a small branding area. The pad printed black bounces of the stock white colour ball glowingly, and we have to say this is one of our favourite designs in years!

For this project we used our Table Tennis Balls (MP16372).

Twister Black USB

Completed: 02.01.20

This Twister Black USB design is simple yet striking. The Savoy used their stunning glowing green logo onto this black usb to tie-in their branding colours with aplomb for instant brand recognition. The screen printed design has come out wonders and just looks so elegant!

For this project we used our Twister Black USB (MP19427).


Completed: 31.12.19

There's no such thing as too much branding, and Playtech have hit the nail on the head with some double exposure with this premium looking Keyfinder set. Digitally printed onto both the box and Keyfinder, the lush-blue artwork has a real superiority keeping the branding simple but clear. 

For this project we used our Keyfinder (MP20242).

Travel Adaptor

Completed: 30.12.19

Appdynamics are back with another beautiful looking design! We are really pleased with how the crisp pad print has come out on this Travel Adaptor, with the simple black on white elevating the artwork for maximum publicity. 

For this project we used our Travel Adaptor (MP10938).

Smooth Touch Travel Mug

Completed: 29.12.19

The Gritting Company are going to struggle to keep hold of these retail looking mugs! The finish on this is incredible, with the ocean blue and black sharing the hierarchy with the simply gorgeous laser engraved branding. 

For this project we used our Smooth Touch Travel Mug (MP20262).

Touch Screen Ball Pen

Completed: 27.12.19

In a nut shell this premium little pen is utterly exquisite! The wonderful salmon pink gives the pad printed white branding a lovely subtle finish which looks stunning when exposed to light.

For this project we used our Touch Screen Ball Pen (MP18404).

Senator Challenger Polished

Completed: 23.12.19

What a handsome looking set of pens we produced for Sitecore, if we may say so ourselves. The range of vigorous blue tones is combined with a consistent crisp-white screen print on the barrel of each pen making the set striking and so easy on the eye!

For this project we used our Senator Challenger Polished Ballpen (MP15910).

Screen Cloth Mousemat

Completed: 20.12.19

This transfer printed design for HSBC is just mesmerising! The full colour print makes this Mousemat so intriguing and the main vivid red elevates the rest of the design to really get their message across. A wonderful desk piece, great work!

For this project we used our Screen Cloth Mousemat (MP16229).

Scale Ruler

Completed: 19.12.19

Keysoft Solutions have been so resourceful with their artwork on the Scale Ruler. Using a wonderful 2 colour digital print along the face of the ruler they decided to spread their branding across the centre, left and right sides to give it plenty of breathing room and a good deal of hierarchy. Really smart!

For this project we used our Scale Ruler (MP11678).

Softco Piggy Bank

Completed: 17.12.19

The combination of this dazzling pink and the sophisticated artwork gives this Softco Piggy Bank real distinction which certainly won't go amiss! We used a fine pad print for these which really helped get those delicate details to print sharply.

For this project we used our Softco Piggy Bank (MP18095).

Saluzzo Rollerball

Completed: 15.12.19

What a premium set this is! The branding has been delicately laser engraved to the barrel, one of our favourite ways to brand as it gives the pen a luxurious finish. The monotone contrast between the greys, black and whites give this pen a quality retail finish which we just love.

For this project we used our Saluzzo Rollerball (MP18779).

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Completed: 14.12.19

The laser engraving that has been achieved with these mugs give the branding a quality and superior finish. The mugs have a beautiful shimmer which seamlessly ties itself in with the animated black either side. All elements help give the branding a subtle elevation for a gorgeous finish.   

For this project we used our Stainless Steel Travel Mug (MP10193).