Work Journal

A Photo Journal Of Our Work

20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Completed: 06.03.21

The dye sublimated process meant we were able to tie-on the Pantone colour of this dark teal lanyard to a tee. In our experience lanyards like this which have a combined message repeating are always the most successful, with each message given breathing space and interrupted from over repetition which simply furthers the engagement and brand exposure. 

For this project we used our 20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard (MP15027).

Black Trident Ballpen

Completed: 02.03.21

Wow! We were chuffed to bits when this sample came into the office. DTW went for this savvy looking Trident Ballpen, smooth and thrilling to hold with their logo delicately laser engraved to one side of the barrel. The nature of the engraving against the profound black pen creates a sophisticated atmosphere which is simply stunning!

For this project we used our Black Trident Ballpen (MP15813).

Sky Bottle

Completed: 27.02.21

Another for HSBC's graduate programme, these bottles are certain to keep their graduates hydrated & kept in style throughout the day! The smooth red bottle plays a dominant role in the final aesthetic against the full colour digitally printed artwork which is cultivating against its backdrop. Stunning work once again HSBC, good luck with the programme!

For this project we used our Sky Bottle (MP17205).

A5 Wiro Bound Pad

Completed: 24.02.21

Here's a second pad we did as part of Liberating Research's split quantity project. The covers were litho printed with these crafty vector designs in full colour whilst the internal pages were printed with 20% black lines to keep them faint and to compliment the white of the pages and reduce any jarring monotone clashes.

For this project we used our A5 Wiro Bound Pad (MP10169).

Xoopar Octopus

Completed: 22.02.21

Subtlety can be a charm and that's the case here with this luscious looking Xoopar Octopus. On this occasion we pad printed the design to the front face of the device using the maximum branding area for a higher degree of publicity which is furthered through the sharp looking full colour design.

For this project we used our Xoopar Octopus (MP19082).

Intimo Notepad

Completed: 20.02.21

2-in-1 products are something we just adore! The matching matt black duo combine fluidly whilst the distinctive red artwork has a daring level of exposure which counters the deep blacks. With this job we were even able to Pantone match the pen for yet another level of personalisation that embodies the brand language.

For this project we used our Intimo Notepad (MP19652).

Twister USB

Completed: 14.02.21

A usb stick has never looked so stylish! The combination of the midnight black elements gives the delicately laser engraved artwork a state-of-the-art finish which conveys the brand message whilst also tying in shrewdly with the colour palette.

For this project we used our Twister USB (MP10577).

Senator Challenger Polished Ballpen

Completed: 11.02.21

What a treat this job was! On this occasion we were asked to pad print the branding to the clip of the pen which gives the artwork unlimited exposure when in hand. The fiery orange & shimmering ballpen gives the sharp white design a delicate yet dominating outlook which just adds another layer of excellence onto an impeccable looking pen!

For this project we used our Senator Challenger Polished Ballpen (MP15910).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 09.02.21

Our collection of Croft Notebooks has been impressive over the years and make no mistake this is right up there with the best! Blind embossed with the artwork on the lower quadrant of the notebook the black basis dominates the branding to leave it with a sophisticated level of exposure. 

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

Hard Enamel Badge

Completed: 04.02.21

Die stamped, enamel infilled & pad printed there was a complexity of details that gave these badges this gorgeous & bespoke finish. Against the smooth and shiny surface of the badges we were able to match in 2 pantone colours for the enamel and pad printed strapline giving them a feeling of uniqueness and making them an ultimate piece of branded merch!

For this project we used our Hard Enamel Badge (MP13903).

Printed Festival Wristband

Completed: 01.02.21

An uncomplicated product is propelled to breathtaking heights courtesy of the dye sublimated design in this wristband. Darker gradients form the basis of the lower design on these silky smooth wristbands whilst the lighter ones allow the logo to take control of the construction giving it a powerful level of hierarchy.

For this project we used our Printed Festival Wristband (MP17584).

Chocolate Beanies in Maxi Rectangle Pot

Completed: 30.01.21

This beanie pot is dominated through the use of shapes throughout its overall structure. The artwork on this was digitally printed in full colour then finished off with a slick dome resin finish for durability whilst the gentle gradient in the top left gives the colour palette a refined edge. Colourful and circular in nature, the beanies act as the base of the colour which is complimented stunningly through the sharpness of the bottom right design.

For this project we used our Chocolate Beanies in Maxi Rectangle Pot (MP19304).

Beck Metal Ballpen

Completed: 26.01.21

Having the ability to reverse logos against similar coloured products is something that's not always possible, but when it's done right like this Beck Metal Ballpen it's so effective. The glistening nature of the ballpen works astonishing well with the white screen printed artwork & is tied off spectacularly against the striking purple base.

For this project we used our Beck Metal Ballpen (MP20686).

38mm Button Badge

Completed: 21.01.21

Now this is how you make something so simple look so good! The University Leicester supplied us with this full colour design which we digitally printed onto the badges. What gives this badge that next level desirability is the gorgeous blue gradient being mixed in with the upper black which is furthered by the shimmer when held in light. Simply stunning, really good work the University of Leicester!

For this project we used our 38mm Button Badge (MP13814).

Universal Travel Mug

Completed: 19.01.21

This Universal Travel Mug is just draw-droppingly delightful! The design on this occasion was printed in 2 colours which play a vital role in the dynamism between structure & surrounding colour. The white within jostles with the blue surrounding which then ingeniously blends in with the surrounding cool yellow mug & baby blue lid.

For this project we used our Universal Travel Mug (MP19810).