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Why choose personalised usbs? MoJo Promotions stock a brilliant collection of personalised usbs, all made to be custom printed with your design. Usbs provide a outstanding way to show off your logo. The practical nature of personalised usbs is guaranteed to ensure your marketing goals are met. Our range includes - USB Flashdrives: Premia, USB Flashdrives: Bespokes and USB Flashdrives: Values to mention but a few. All of our merchandise can be customised to suit your aims, please contact us for more information.

Create a unique personalised USB to reflect your brand with our Bespoke USB Flashdrives. We can even do personalised 2D PVC designs!

Add a luxury finish with our personalised Premium USB Flashdrives. Mirror laser engraved designs & bobbing weighted USB's are the perfect touch of elegance.

Excellent giveaways for large events, our range of promotional Value USB Flashdrives are an ideal, compact way to promote your company.