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Why choose personalised stationery? MoJo Promotions hold a splendid catalogue of personalised stationery, all intended to be custom printed with your information. Stationery provide a exceptional way to show off your requirements. The fun and practical features held by personalised stationery is sure enough to ensure your advertising targets are met. Our variety includes - Paperclips, Pen Refills, Staplers and Rulers to mention but a few. All of our products can be printed to suit your wishes, please contact us for more information.

An office essential, our range of personalised Paperclips come in every style from metal to plastic. Wide range of shapes & colours available, even bespoke options.

A selection of pen refills for items on the range for a sustainable approach. Ask for more details on your enquiry.

Measure up your next design with our personalised Rulers. Branded 12" rulers for schools to customised scale rulers for architects, there's plenty of choice.

Add some functionality with a promotional Stapler. These customised staplers will be treasured in any office environment. We even have stapleless designs!