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Why choose personalised health? Help your customers keep in tip top shape with our range of personalised Health products. Beat back the effect of the cold with our customised lip balms, stop the spread of germs with custom printed antibac products or just make sure you’re ready for slips and trips with one of our promotional first aid kits, whatever the use we have something for you. Whether it’s popped into a handbag, a pocket or the cupboard for later use, branded health items are sure to keep your branding around for a fair amount of time.

Keep your hands germ free with one of our large selection of personalised Anitbac Products. Available in a wide range of di..

Whether it’s a cut, graze or a blister from partying too hard, our Promotional First Aid Kits are on hand to soothe your ..

Keep all that nasty bacteria at bay with our promotional Hand Sanitiser. Designed to kill any harmful bacteria you might co..

We supply a great range of personalised Lip Balms, all of which can be branded with your design. Our customised lip balm st..

Make sure your nails are always clean and presentable with our promotional Manicure Sets. You’ll never have to hide that ..

MoJo Promotions hold a splendid catalogue of personalised personal accessories, all made to be custom printed with your mes..

Keep yourself safe when you wander through the city streets with our promotional Personal Alarms. These customised personal..

Be ready to save the day when cuts and grazes appear with our promotional Plasters range. Banged your head or accident..

Hayfever in the summer, colds in the winter and even the occasional heartbreak, you never know when you’re going to need ..