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Why choose personalised health? Help your customers keep in tip top shape with our range of personalised Health products. Beat back the effect of the cold with our customised lip balms, stop the spread of germs with custom printed antibac products or just make sure you’re ready for slips and trips with one of our promotional first aid kits, whatever the use we have something for you. Whether it’s popped into a handbag, a pocket or the cupboard for later use, branded health items are sure to keep your branding around for a fair amount of time.

Stay germ free with our personalised Antibac Products. Clip on sanitiser to branded anti back mousemat, we have plenty of antibac products.

We supply an excellent range of promotional First Aid Kits ranging from festivals, travelling to even blister kits. All of which can be branded to with your design.

Tackle bacteria head on with our promotional Hand Sanitisers. Whether you want compact to take on the go or a tub for the desk, there's plenty of choice.

Protect your lips from the harsh elements with our personalised Lip Balms. From beeswax infused ones to SPF infused designs, there's plenty to brand with your design.

Maintain your nails wherever you go with our promotional Manicure Sets. Compact emery boards to full blown nails sets, there's plenty of choice.

Promote safety on every street with our promotional Personal Alarms. An excellent branded hand out and safety product to keep on any set of keys.

Keep back the tide of germs the next time you get a cut with our custom printed Plasters. Boxes to packs, you'll always have a printed plaster to hand.

Whether it's hayfever or a cold, a runny nose is no fun. So make sure you're handing out your own personalised Tissues to lend a helping hand!